Thursday, December 15, 2011

Golf Vacation Tips for the Non Golfing Wives

What Should Wives Do While Their Husband Is Golfing?!

Golf enthusiast are always looking forward to the time they are able to go on  golf vacations. Endless hours on the greens, one challenging hole after another, and meeting new people who share the same passion-- this is heaven for golf lovers!! But that does not extend to the wife who is obligated to spend her anniversary on a golf trip just o make her hubby extra happy. That why Golf Zoo Vacation Packages are should couples how to both love the sport of golf!!

So how does a non-golfing wife enjoy this kind of holiday? How and where would you be when he's on the putting greens? And how do you make this, still, truly a time to bond even when you do not enjoy the sport nor could you tell one golf club from the other?

The first secret is WHERE the golf vacation destination is located. If choose a destination that suits you both, then your well on your way to having fun!! Choose a place that has a lot of fun activities off the greens, not so much for your husband, but for you!! Your destination of choice must have fun activities for you to do while he does his thing on the greens! What are your options?!

Hit the beach while he hits the tees.
Florida, has lots of these. Some of the best beachside courses are here. And because the choices are varied and literally numerous, there would easily be one that fits your budget and taste.

Shop and splurge!
Hubby will most likely be forgiving if you use the credit card one too many times on the trip. Choose courses that are close to shopping districts. (Hello Las Vegas!)

Explore cultures.
The Valley areas have lots of heritage museums, shoppes, and historic centers where you can get to explore the glorious past America. A lot of old-age structures and even buildings are found in the Old South area (Georgia and South Carolina are calling your name!!) too.

Most golf courses and hotels near the courses offer great spa treatments. White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia, is known for their outstanding spa services. Or find a course that has a Gym facility and exercise just like your man, but in a different way!  Courses in Canada, have a great array of options for you. 

Another key to achieving a memorable time on a golf vacation for you both is SCHEDULING. You both have to compromise – when he's off the greens, he should be with you. You both should be doing something nice together. Dinner, strolling, swimming, exploring the rest of the area. That is also another reason why the destinations are of utmost importance. You must find something fun to do TOGETHER. After all, the trip is about you two. If these tips are followed, there's no reason why you, dear wifey, should be sulking in the room waiting for your man to remember you. And no reason, too, for this epic trip, to be forgotten.

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