Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golf Trip Essentials You Keep Overlooking

To an avid, die-hard golfer, a golf trip is what a honeymoon is to newlyweds. And why not? It's another few days of amorous encounters with golf without an iota of care in the world. You can think of no one and nothing else but golf, golf, and more golf. Even the thought of it is pleasant and exciting!

You want it to be perfect, special, memorable, and of course, HASSLE-FREE.

Apart from the obvious essentials of golf gloves (bring extras!), golf wear, golf shoes, socks (bring extras!), clubs and extra balls, and other personal essentials (sunglasses, toiletries, underwear, cellphones, passport, tickets, cash, cards, medications), there are three things that each golfer setting out on a golf trip must never leave home without. These three things are surprisingly tiny, but forgetting them could just outright ruin your dream golf vacation. You don't even have to worry about paying for extra luggage just because you're adding these items to your list!

So go ahead and check that luggage again and see that these three things are in there:

Sunscreen. A 36-hole love affair on the greens may be just as ecstatic as it is ugly when you forget to bring sunscreen. You'll be playing most of the entire day under the scorching heat of the sun. A sunburn doesn't only look bad. It is also very painful. Protect yourself from the rays of the sun at all times. Just make sure the sunscreen is packed securely and doesn't get squished by all your other things. Last thing you need is an entire vacation's worth of clothes soaked in slippery lotion!

Lip Balm that contains Sunscreen. Your lips need as much protection from the sun as much as your skin does. And since, obviously, you can't put your sunscreen lotion on your lips, lip balms with sunscreen were invented. Put some on every now and then, or your lips will chap. Chapped lips are just annoying, so put that balm on before the sun gets to your lips!

Band Aids/ Athletic Tapes. An endless round of golf is a delight to any golfer's heart, but not for the feet! Those golf shoes can be nasty after some time, and will threaten to ruin your Master's-worthy game with an ugly blister or two. So arm yourself with lots of Band Aids so you can tape it up before it becomes uglier.

It is best to put them in a single bag along with your other toiletries so they don't get lost in a sea of stuffs, and you could easily locate it. You can easily pack them in your luggage and in your golf bags. These three things don't seem to be as important as all your other golf trip essentials, but it is best to have them around. Sometimes, even the slightest discomforts could ruin such an epic vacation. Better be ready and pack these up so you'll leave home excited, and you're going home happy.