Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Big Myrtle Beach Merger

Two of the largest golf management companies on Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand are merging, creating a new company that will own/manage 24 of the 90 golf courses in the area. Burroughs and Chapin (B&C) and the Myrtle Beach National Company (MBN) have agreed to combine their golf assets and become equal partners.

B&C owns five courses and manages five others. MBN owns 10 courses and manages four others. According to a Golf Inc. magazine study, the new Myrtle Beach company will be the 15th largest nationally and 19th internationally. The merger is not expected to be complete for several months nor has a name for the new company even been chosen.

Management on both sides are very excited about utilizing the strengths from each existing company to not only benefit their courses but also better promote the entire Myrtle Beach golf market.
What does all this mean for the thousands of golfers that visit Myrtle Beach every year? Well no one knows for sure but personally I am very excited about the future. With 24 courses under one roof the packaging options are endless. Golf groups will now be able to take advantage of multi-round pricing without having to travel all over the beach.My only worry is for the remaining stand alone courses......one would think they are going to be forced to partner up to stay competitive.

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