Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Ready For Golf

Most golf vacation resorts offer some teaching lessons to their guests who are interested to play golf. In golf, a lot of factors that must be considered in order to create a good round to your fellow players; not just about strong swings. There are many benefits that you can get while playing golf. Because of that, more people have become willing to take on a new sport. By playing golf, people can stimulate their minds by calculating accurate distances, as well as trajectories. Not to mention the fact that the wind also affects the outcome.

Given these facts, you don't have to be a super computer to do the calculations. Fair estimates will work and applying the right amount of force during swings is the key. In order to deliver the best swing, golfers must know the basics which include the right position and body posture when hitting the ball. As long as the players have mastered the basics, then having golf vacations can be as enjoyable as watching your favorite football team score their winning shot. The only difference is that you're the one making the shot in golf.

Strategically placed sand bunkers test every player's shot making skills all throughout their golf trip. Golf requires players to analyze the course before diving in it. A golf course can have various and surprising elevation changes in which affect the rolling of the ball when it hits the grass. Aside from that, the type of grass being used in a course also affects friction (when the ball is rolling) thus making it difficult for players to arrive in the most accurate estimate. Putting these factors together, the sand bunkers, water hazards, elevation changes, and grass variation from greens, fairways, and roughs, makes golf an interesting sport that combines physical abilities to mental advancement in order to have a good round. This is a very good physical and mental stimulation which can regulate blood flow, burn calories, and tone muscles.

Imagine having all these challenges in one sport. Golf can render the adrenaline rush and the relaxing ambiance at the same time. Furthermore, several golf trips allow you to interact and have fun together with your family, friends, or co-workers that's why having to question why people love golf is a big understatement. For someone who may not have given golf a chance yet, go for it. You won't regret the decision to take a swing at trying something new!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Staying Healthy and Fit By Golfing

A golf trip with the family is truly a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation. Most of the time, people get a lot of stress from work and at home. One of the ways to cope up with stress is to have a quality time with family and loved ones. Stress is not something that can be easily avoided. However, anyone can manage coping up with stress especially if an individual has the right attitude to get involve with various activities. If stress is not managed well it can cause more problems, especially when it comes to an individual's health. A person can obtain a lot of health problems if he allows stress to ruin their healthy lifestyle.

In this generation, more people have become worried about gaining weight. While it is not too late, many people are encouraged to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Too much work is not healthy, the body needs to rest and relax once in a while. There are plenty of healthy activities that you can do to relive any kind of stress. Taking a vacation is a great time to start doing these stress-relieving activities. One of these activities is learning how to play golf - or if you already know how to play, use it as a break from everything else you have going on. An individual can burn calories simply by playing golf. Walking, swinging and balancing are some of the requirements necessary to golf. Also, people who are committed in playing golf will usually join in a professional competition or make it their recreational activity every weekend or break.

Golf is a relaxing sport where people are surrounded with plush green golf courses. Golf courses are usually surrounded with beautiful scenery and a unique landscape. Aside from that, golf resorts are best known for having a peaceful and soothing environment. Golf vacations resorts are not only a place for people who desire to play golf since there are also other activities and entertainments depending on your chosen vacation package. Most golf resorts have swimming pools and beaches if their guests want a dip in the water after a day out on the green.

People who are interested to go on a vacation with their family can check out some hot deals from different travel guide and vacation destination sites. Apart from getting information online, other people can go directly to a vacation expert or a trusted friend to hear out if they have a perfect place for a golf trip to recommend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Key To A Successful Golf Vacation

Having golf vacations allows an individual, a family, or merely a group of people to relax and take time off from their tiring jobs and day to day activities. By visiting several destinations, one can effectively release stress and improve health and wellness while at it. However, some novice visitors, guests, or golfers, find their vacations the other way around. Unsatisfied with meals, bad experiences on the course, bad customer service, super high rates and charges, and hundreds of other reasons can really ruin a supposed-to-be good vacation. Luckily, everyone can avoid this kind of experience with proper research and planning. The steps below show how you can really appreciate your golf trip for the rest of your life.

Careful planning ahead of time is the key to a successful vacation. Planning involves deep and thorough research in terms of various golf vacation destinations including their daily rates, weekly rates, or monthly rates, not to mention that the prices vary from season to season. Since distance is a hindrance (second to budget), it is quite easy to first pin point locations near you before taking your budget into account. The closer destination, the better. But don't let this concept cloud your decisions when it comes to finding places to stay and play. After picking out a handful of locations, you need to list their pros and cons. This may include rates, amenities, travel distance and cost, quality of service, as well as quality of courses. 

Make sure that the overall or the total cost of staying and playing in one resort is accounted for properly. After tallying the rates and the total cost to be spent while staying in a certain resort, consider the top 5 or 10 golf vacation resorts for further evaluation. Assessment in regards to customer service can be done by asking previous clients or by using the internet to find reviews from past clients who went to various resorts on your list. Do not just read one review per resort, as you need to read more than that to know if the reviews are reliable. Make sure you tally the positive and negative reviews, as well as their weight in your judgment. After doing this, discard the resorts with the most negative reviews and narrow down your choices to the top 5 resorts.

These resorts should offer competent golf vacation packages in order for you to save a little during your vacation. Listing all the amenities provided by each resort can help pin point which amenities and services matters to you the most. When you're down to your top three, select the resort with the most affordable rates and try it out for at least a day before booking your whole weekend. If you are not satisfied with the services, then you can transfer to another resort of your choice and enjoy your golf vacation.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Travel to Casa de Campo

Three 18-hole Pete Dye golf Resort courses, plus Golf Zoo can now provide access to the private La Romana Country Club for a total of 90 holes of world-class golf!

Whether you choose to travel in peak golf travel season (November-March), or off-peak season, golfers must plan to visit and play. Today, it is easier and much better value to travel to Casa de Campo due to the special Stay & Play Packages offered by Golf Zoo, plus more flights, from more North American and European cities than ever before.

Teeth of the Dog Hole #5
"El dente de perro", or Teeth of the Dog, opened in 1971 and has been ranked in the Top 50 of the World's Greatest Courses since.  Without proper heavy machinery to crack the ultra-hard and white seaside coral, tireless workers used sledgehammers, pickaxes and chisels to carve greens and tee boxes out of coral formations, resulting in 7 spectacular holes on the Caribbean Sea.  Four seaside holes on the front-nine, three on the back-nine, plus the best series of par-3 holes you can play anywhere - #5, #7, #13, and #16.  Hole #5 is one of the most photographed holes on the course...and the world! 

Teeth of the Dog is a course you could play every day and never get tired of playing it.  Every hole is very different, every hole has a different intimidation factor (thanks to Mr. Dye), but all players will enjoy the course.  No matter your round score, you will be delighted to have played this great course.

This equally scenic Club features three nines that meander from high above the El Chavon River, across steep elevations down toward Casa de Campo Marina before returning to the Dye Fore Clubhouse at the edge of Altos de Chavon Village.  The views are simply spectacular and big is the word to describe Dye Fore.  The fairways are wide, the bunkers over-sized and the large greens have huge undulations for players to navigate.  Golfers of all levels will be challenged to play shots from different lies, with many significant elevation drops and rises.  After a round at Dye Fore, spend the afternoon, or evening in the Altos de Chavon Village dining and/or enjoying a cocktail at one of the local village sidewalk cafes or restaurants.  

Altos de Chavon at Casa de Campo
Located adjacent to Teeth of the Dog, The Links course winds through the interior of Casa de Campo where rolling hills, lakes and woodlands create plenty of challenges.  Both courses share the same Pro Shop and Practice Facility offering a perfect setting for 36-hole days.  Mr. Dye oversaw a course renovation in 2011/2012 - re-creating a beautifully landscaped, conditioned and little more challenging course.