Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pinehurst Golf Packages

North Carolina is steeped in history and distinction. Keeping with this tradition is one of

the top golf destinations within the state, Pinehurst. You have nine courses on the beautifully

landscaped two thousand acre property to choose from, each with its own challenges and

unique characteristics. Pinehurst is considered the cradle of American golf and has had legends

make their mark on their memorable courses since its inception. When you purchase one of the

available Pinehurst golf packages you will also have the opportunity to make your mark and

create memories that will last beyond a lifetime.

The story of Pinehurst started in 1895 when a philanthropist from Boston named James

Walker Tufts purchased the barren, completely forested land. Many people thought the man

was a fool for purchasing what was viewed as worthless land but he had a vision and he wanted

to help his fellow ailing Americans. He worked quickly and within the first year he was doing

quite well with his endeavor. In the beginning of Pinehurst many recreational activities were very

popular (such as tennis, hunting, and archery). However, it wasn’t until 1898 that golf first made

its appearance- when some guests were apparently hitting a small white ball around the cattle

grazing fields, which did not please the cows. Tufts hired a man by the name of Dr. D. Leroy

Culver to design and build the first set of nine holes which was quickly followed by the

clubhouse. John Dunn Tucker was Pinehurst’s first golf professional and was asked to add

another nine holes onto the course. This first set of eighteen holes became known as Pinehurst

No. 1, and by 1903 the Pinehurst Golf Club was established and becoming quite notable and

growing quickly.

The humble beginnings of Pinehurst have given way to a property that has hosted more

championships than any other golf resort in the country. The world renowned courses have

been designed by the best course architects and each course offers players a whole new

experience. The Pinehurst golf packages offer you two nights and two courses to play on so

then the questions becomes, “which two courses do you choose?”

The first course is rich with history and is quite reminiscent of Scottish courses, with the

liberal use of bunkers. Donald Ross had a simple, yet effective philosophy for his course

architecture which is what you feel as you play.

Pinehurst No. 2 is celebrated worldwide and has been open since 1907. It’s known for

rolling greens which are considered some of the most challenging in the world. This course was

restored in 2010.

No. 3 is the shortest course but comes with tiny elevated greens that will give you a run

for your money. Accuracy is a necessity for this course.

Pinehurst No. 4 was recently reimagined by Tom Fazio. Fazio followed Ross’s classical

routing but brought the routes a more modern design.

Course 5 was designed by Ross’s protégé, Ellis Maples. This course gives a wonderful

variety of holes that follow the natural flow of the land. This course has more water hazards than

the other holes.

No. 6 is more rugged than the other courses, and was designed Tom Fazio and his

uncle George and the style of the course makes that partnership very apparent. This is

considered one of Pinehurst’s more challenging courses.

Pinehurst No. 7 is one of the longest tracks. It was designed by Rees Jones and is on

the site of an old employee course. This course demands accuracy, aggression, and patience.

Course No. 8 was designed to celebrate Pinehurst’s centennial and Tom Fazio designed

the perfect accolade for this momentous occasion. This course is a nod to No. 2 and truly an

embodiment of what Pinehurst is all about.

No. 9 was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and embraces the natural swells of

the land. The course is interesting but well-balanced and will make any golfer happy.

Pinehurst golf packages are the best way to get the most for your money and be sure to

talk to one of our experts to cater a package just for you!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Michigan Golf Packages

Michigan is more than just the Great Lakes state, it also the Wolverine state, the mitten

state, home of the Yoopers (people whom reside in Upper Michigan), and also home to some

amazing golfing experiences. When you purchase one of the Michigan golf packages you get

the opportunity to explore over eight hundred public courses and some of the leading golf

resorts. Michigan is a state full of surprises, from the seemingly never ending forests and hidden

mountains of the Upper Peninsula to the quaintly beautiful Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw)

Island and back down to the beaches and orchards of Lower Michigan.

Treetops Resort located in Gaylord, Michigan, which is in the northern part of the Lower

Peninsula. This resort offers many activities throughout the entire year, but is well known for the

stunning golf courses. They have five courses with a total of eighty one holes for you to play,

including the final course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr and the only course in the state

designed by Tom Fazio. Treetops is also the location of one of the top par three courses in the

United States which is lovingly named Threetops. There is also a homage to the walking golf

tradition on the gorgeous Tradition course which is known for the links-style layout that takes

advantage of ridges and hill tops but is still comfortable to walk. This course also allows the

choice to only play nine holes because the first half of the course wraps around the starter

house, making it easily accessible. Treetops Resort also has the Signature course which has

been rated in the top fifty courses for women and has rolling greens, wide fairways, and a

couple undisturbed natural areas within the course. The course that Tom Fazio designed is

called Premier and utilizes the natural terrain to give a wonderful mixture of complexity and

forgiveness. And the final course, the Masterpiece, was the final design of Robert Trent Jones,

Sr and he even said it was his crowning glory. This sensational course is located on the Pigeon

River headwaters and makes the lands natural ravines, valleys, and plains into invaluable

assets. The sixth hole is the signature hole and provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the

Pigeon River which is truly a sight that embodies Michigan. All of these courses are available at

your fingertips when you book one of the Michigan golf packages from

Purchasing one of the Michigan golf packages allows you an opportunity to take

advantage of some of the other fantastic activities available in Michigan. As most residents

know Michigan harbors some well kept secrets. Not too far from the resort is the beautiful

Otsego Lake State Park which has some wonderful hiking within its sixty-two acres and offers

boat rentals to take advantage of the great fishing. Or you can relax on the half mile beach,

which is also dog friendly so your four legged family members don’t feel left out.

It’s phenomenal that the Michigan golf packages open up endless opportunities for your

golf experience as well as activities for the whole family to enjoy together. When you go to

Michigan you get to enjoy the notable friendliness of the Midwest and so much more. Book your

trip with one of the Michigan golf packages from golf