Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pre-Shot Routine

At any level of play, the pre-shot routine is an extremely important tool. It is the reference point from which to make adjustments. A sound pre-shot routine will also allow you to alleviate the pressure of a tight match by transporting you to a familiar and comfortable place prior to each shot.

By Ed Stanfill, Head Golf Professional at The Duke at Rancho El Dorado

Thursday, December 07, 2006

President Ed Holofcener ACES 6th hole

Golf Zoo President Ed Holofcener really, really, really likes hole #6 at SunRidge Canyon.

During his recent golf vacation to Scottsdale, the golf gods smiled on him for a brief second, and he jarred it on the 179 yard hole with a five iron.

"I knew I had hit a solid shot.... it went right toward the flag, bounced once and rolled about 10 feet, then disappeared. I couldn't believe it."

Ed was even more lucky, in that his three golf buddies from Baltimore, Jeff Wexler, Julius Hyatt, and Keith Silverstein were right there to witness, and enjoy a few free drinks on the jubilant 10 handicapper.

Ed's Golf Vacation Planner, Golf Zoo's V.P. Chris Parcell commented, "Hey - even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, but I don't remember getting a free drink at the bar..."

This was Ed's first, but hopefully not last hole in one.
Congratulations Ed!

Classic Club - Newest Addition

Golf Zoo is very pleased to have the Classic Club available now for our discerning clientele. The golf course is absolutely stunning, an Arnold Palmer design which will be in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic rotation in January, 2007. The 360 degree views are awe inspiring and in true Palmer Design tradition, the course is challenging yet fair. For golf and service, this is truly a 5 Star experience.

Good golfing and best wishes for the Holiday Season.