Saturday, September 29, 2012

Take a swing at this Myrtle Beach Golf School!

I had the opportunity to take the Ritson-Sole Golf School for a test drive about two months ago and it has really helped my game. The Ritson-Sole Golf School is one of the top 25 golf schools in the country per Golf Magazine's rankings. They are now located at both Pawleys Plantation on the south end of the beach and at Grande Dunes on the north end (their newest location). They offer three, two, and one day classes, as well as morning or afternoon part day instruction.

I was part of a small group, 2-hour lesson which had 2 instructors for about 8-9 golfers working on their game. We were able to work with Mel Sole and David Olberding who were great at helping all of us. From instructing the beginner on the basics to the pro with subtle changes, these guys were great.

In addition to the small group size and getting specific instruction for your own unique swing, they also offer video swing analysis which is a great tool to see the minute details of your swing. This really comes in handy and I will re-watch the video right before heading to my local range to know what exactly I need to be focusing on.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ritson-Sole Golf School, or would like to set up a session with them along with your Myrtle Beach golf trip give me, Mike Alfano a call at 888.276.9589 or email

Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting a Golf Trip Paradise Through Pebble Beach

Situated in Pebble Beach, California, the Pebble Beach Golf Links offer the most scenic views in the west coast of United States. Spending your golf vacation here by far will be the most memorable moment in your whole golfing career. The Pebble Beach Golf Links hugs rugged coastlines opening to the Pacific Ocean. Open views of Carmel Bay can be enjoyed by visitors who wish to stroll and explore the whole golf resort. Being the first public course ranked as Number 1 by Golf Digest in 2001, the Pebble Beach Golf Links is regarded as the most beautiful course in the world. In 2008, green fees start from $495 and an additional of $35 cart fee for non resort guests will be charged. World class tournaments are also widely held in Pebble Beach Golf Links including AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am and 11 USGA championships. The Pebble Beach Golf Links is the only resort to host both the Champions Tour event and the FedEx Cup in the same season yearly.

Opened in February 22, 1919, the Pebble Beach Golf Links was designed by Douglas Grant and Jack Neville. In 1990s, this golf vacation destination was bought by the Japanese investors. Several years later, the Pebble Beach Co. bought the golf resort from the Japanese investors. Throughout the history, the Pebble Beach Golf Links has been visited by famous people namely: Clint Eastwood, Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Nicklaus, Samuel Morse, Bobby Jones, Winston Churchill, Bill Murray, and Tiger Woods. As Neville intends to bring as many holes to the rocky coastline as possible, he designed the first two holes as inland while the third runs to the ocean. Along the coast lies the fourth and fifth holes. In 1998, various changes to improve the Pebble Beach Golf Links has been done. New bunkers are then added to each fairways to make each round more challenging for golfers of any skill level.

Aside from the breath taking views that golfers can experience, the Pebble Beach Golf Links also offers various affordable golf vacation packages. These packages include Fall & Winter, Spring & Summer, and Year Round golf and spa packages. By visiting their website, golfers can view more special offers depending on the season. It's always cheaper to book tee times in off peak seasons and hotel accommodations are also cheaper in non peak seasons. Golfers in a budget can still enjoy the luxurious experience of staying in Pebble Beach by picking golf trip dates wisely and effectively. Visitors have the widest options to satisfy their stomachs with different menus served by varied restaurants along the resort. Visitors can also shop freely as numerous golf pro shops are accessible from the Pebble Beach Golf Links.