Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Easy Guide to Playing Eco-friendly Golf

Golfers nowadays are buzzing about the recent development of eco-friendly courses in various golf vacation destinations. These courses are the environmentalist's dream, as they promote earth friendly ways of maintaining the courses immaculately green. They do this by engaging in sustainable practices in water use, chemical use, landscaping and preservation of the natural habitat of the area.

Gardeners and golf course overseers normally perform the job to preserve golf courses, but one of the most significant contributions in this trend is when players like you, support the “green movement” while you’re on the resort.

As you prepare for your golf vacation, you too can do your fair share of preserving the golf environment by doing the following:

·         Carrying a non-plastic water container. Yes, plastic water bottles are convenient, but bringing a non-disposable water container with you can help reduce a big amount of plastic waste in golf courses.

·         Throwing trash responsibly. As been told many times, keep your garbage off the green and into the bin. 

·         Pick up tees after play. Don't give the turf maintenance team a headache and don't leave your tees scattered around. You can also avoid creating trouble for other players.

·         Fix all ball marks. Learn to bend your back and cover up the ball marks sometimes. It is, after all, part of the golf course etiquette.

·         Use Eco-friendly products. Go green when shopping for your golf balls, tees, towels and other gears for your golf trip.

·         Avoid using golf carts. Riding them for comfort also produces air pollution, greenhouse fumes, and damages to the turf as they go. Leave the cart at the clubhouse. Walk instead.

·         Stay on the cart paths and take care of it. It would even be better to encourage the use of electric cars if there's none in your club.  Also, take great care of your cart as the maintenance will also take its toll on the environment.

·         Play only within the course boundary.  If you step beyond, there's a great risk of you causing damages to the surrounding flora. So learn how to stop and stay only within the designated area and just enjoy the view.  

So now that you have learned how to be a truly eco-friendly golfer– a true sportsman and defender of the environment- share these best practices with your favorite golf buddy and family, so they too will follow your league.

As more and more golf vacation destinations adapt to sustainable practices in the golf industry, you should do your share in minimizing your carbon footprint on the environment. Now that's a sure eagle!  

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