Monday, September 29, 2014

Golf tournament will complete your vacation!

If you're in your golf vacation, and luckily you've had a chance to experience a golf tournament, let us double up the excitement of this already-amazing opportunity.
Here are some tips:

Choose and Plan. Planning is still king in whatever venture. For golf tournaments, ask yourself: Do you want to hike and watch your favorite player or do you want to camp at one hole so you can watch everyone play the same holes and compare their games? Or do you want to really see the whole course?

If you want to follow your favorite player, keep an eye out for the pairings guide as you enter the grounds for the easy access of the players you’d like to see throughout the day.

If you want a taste of everything, consider spending your time at a location where you can watch most amount of golf. The best spots for you, according to an avid golf spectator, is behind the 4th hole so you can see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th hole, or between the 15th and 16th hole.

Regardless of the path you choose, set your plan before you arrive.

What to bring (and not). Of course, you can bring sunglasses, binoculars, and plenty of drinking water. In most cases, tournament security will block spectators carrying backpacks, cameras, over-sized chairs, laptops, bicycles, radios, weapons, signs and banners, cellphones (and any other devices that could make noise—these devices might distract the players and other spectators). Or you better check first the list of the allowed things to carry inside the tournament course.

Weather. We are not ruining the train of excitement, but yes, bad weather can happen anytime. Just in case an inclement weather is announced, stay away from these zones: open areas, hilltops/high places, isolated tress, golf carts, and wire fences.

Etiquette. Yes, you do have to observe appropriate behavior while inside the course. To simplify, just follow what you're told by the volunteers at the course area. Most importantly, be courteous to the players, and don't distract them while they play since they have to concentrate. A small distraction may cost a player a million dollars. Remember that most of the players make a living of these golf tournaments.

And be reminded of the "Hands in the air" gesture by the volunteer, which means stop and be quiet while golfers are playing their shots.

The best holes. According to many, holes from 15 to 18 are the best parts of the game. These holes are the final stretch. You will surely get tips on how to play difficult shots for your game and try to emulate on your golf trip.

Above all, have fun. There's nothing like a professional golf tournament. It will surely complete your entire golf vacation.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Scott's Top 5 Lodging Options for 2015

Below you will find my list of the 5 best accommodations in Palm Springs, which I composed with what I believe to be important factors when choosing a hotel.
  • Friendly/accommodating staff
  • Cleanliness
  • Location
  • Room quality
  • Bang for the buck

1. Renaissance Esmeralda Resort - This hotel is my favorite in the area, it is the most updated with spacious rooms and a very friendly staff. It doesn't hurt that there are two outstanding golf courses within walking distance that are affiliated with the hotel. The hotel has even has a sandy beach on site!

2. La Quinta Resort - It goes without saying that La Quinta Resort is one of the best places to stay because of the golf located within alone, but the lodging is just as nice. The resort features everything you can ask for and more. Every time you turn a corner at the resort you run io a pool of some sort. They have a large selection of rooms from Resort Rooms to a Starlight King Upstairs room and everything in between. This is a great choice if you are looking to only stay at one resort and play golf due to the 5 golf courses affiliated with La Quinta.

3. Marriott Desert Springs Resort - How could I not have a hotel that features a boat that takes you around the property!! That is just one of the many things you will love about this Resort. When not playing on one of the two championship courses, take in the 18 hole miniature golf course!(First mini golf course I have played where I lost a ProV1!!) This hotel is a popular destination in the off-season as well with great rates and a great place to just relax.

4. Marriott Residence Inn Palm Desert - This is one of my favorite hotels for a group of guys on a budget. The hotel is in a great location, minutes from awesome golf and restaurants. It is one of, if not the best Residence Inn's that I have ever seen. The rooms are so big, and the staff is awesome. If you are looking for a great hotel at a slightly lower price point consider the Residence Inn Palm Desert.

5. Courtyard by Marriott - Another great option for the budget minded. Very nice, spacious rooms and it sits right next door to the Marriott Residence Inn, so it is in a great location.

That's my top five for 2015, call me today to plan your next golf trip and reserve a room or two at one of these awesome Resorts/Hotels. 
Scott Curry 888-985-9170

Monday, September 22, 2014

Playing Golf With The Right Attitude

Playing golf can be fun and easy when you have the right attitude. Without the right attitude, a golf trip can become stressful due to a bad day at the course. It requires patience and usually takes time to become familiar with the basic rules and etiquette. Golf is known to be a gentleman's game. Fans see this as true in the professional court with players being ever modest in their ways. The fact that a caddy's attitude also adds to a players status on the field means that the game of golf really requires a good character. Being a bad golfer may have been funny in the film, Happy Gilmore, but it does not go well in the real world. In fact, some businessmen exchange transactions on a golf vacation because of the calm and relaxing atmosphere mostly present there.

Having said all those things would probably lead you to the query as what the ideal attitude should be used on a golf course. The answer is positive. A positive attitude can come in different faces. It could mean being polite or being optimistic. Being polite is a given, as expressed earlier, but having that sense of viewing the future with an affirmative light means more than just politeness. Though maintaining a positive attitude can be difficult at times, the reward of it will sometimes surprise you – bringing good karma.

An exceptional golf trip needs positive momentum that could help bring a successful golf swing. The method of talking and walking is the fundamentals for ones confidence. In fact, such attitude can be considered one of the basic golf techniques – something that other sports also need in the game. To acquire that positive attitude means to develop that self-confidence.

A golfer needs to be able to get over any form of fear by constant effort and toil. Kids have it easier when it comes to learning new things because they have not learned to become afraid of what is that's new to them. Adult players become stagnant with their technique and hold up success because of pessimism. Thinking of that one shot a few holes earlier that didn't go your way will only lead to negative outcomes. But by foreshadowing a successful result, this has been said to somehow congregate the cosmos and provide a favorable outcome during a golf vacation.

One way to develop that self-confidence is for a golfer to constantly manage a personal “pep talk” as you play and after making a shot. Capturing the ways of a coach or those motivational seminars into the game would really bring about an inspiration that could become the main thrust into succeeding in a golf round.

Having that role model to follow is also a great technique to develop mental toughness into outmatching tough situations. True to the saying “Keep your cool head, while others around you are losing theirs”, self-confidence can bring a golfer to the top of their game, as it did with famous players around the world. A golf trip culminates and commences with a positive attitude and success can be accomplished with a sense of determination and perseverance.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some fun and awesome facts about golf

Before you embark on one of your many golf trips, know and share these fun and awesome facts about your favorite sport with your buddies.

Let's get started:

  1. Aim for low scores. Golf is the only sport which aims for the lowest score, also known as stroke play. Unlike any other sport, getting the lowest score in golf is not very easy.

  1. How many is a round? A 'round' in playing golf typically consists of 18 holes in the order determined by the course design.

  1. Count your clubs. During a stipulated round, only a maximum of 14 clubs is allowed in a player's bag. A 2 stroke penalty is incurred for more than this number of clubs.

  1. Hit a The term “birdie” was coined by Ab Smith, an American golfer, as he described his excellent shot as “bird of a shot” in 1899. Later on, it became “birdie”, which means one shot less than a par for a hole.

  1. Do the Bogey. “Bogey” comes from the song entitled “The Bogey Man” (later known as “The Colonel Bogey March”). By mid to late 1890s, the term ’bogey score’ referred to the ideal score of a good player who made a hole under perfect conditions. In early Rules books, you can find a section detailing the regulations for 'Bogey Competitions.'

  1. Choose your course.  According to the National Golf Foundation, there are 15,753 courses in the U.S as of 2012 (California is the nation's No.2 golfing state with 921 courses. Florida, on the other hand, has 1,051.) So, there are tons of golf vacation destinations to choose from.

  1. Hot weather might be good. During hot weather, the golf ball significantly travels farther. The warmer the golf ball, the more elastic it becomes, thus causing the ball to fly further when you hit it with more force.

  1. The tournaments. These major championships are the four most prestigious men’s tournaments of the year: The Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship (known in North America as the British Open) and the PGA Championship.

  1. Walk the course. Walking roughly four miles on all 18 holes will burn 2,000 calories. Compare that to driving carts, which only burn about 1,300 calories.

  1. Why is it called golf? The word “golf” does NOT stand for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.” That's an internet myth. As a matter of fact, about 23% of professional golfers are female.  Originally, the term 'golf' derives linguistically from the Dutch word 'kolf' or 'kolve,' meaning 'club.' In the Scottish dialect during the late 14th or early 15th century, the Dutch term became 'goff' or 'gouff.' Only later in the 16th century did it become “golf.”

It won't hurt to share bits of golf trivia to your buddies during one of your golf trips.  Have fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Unwritten rules of golf you must follow

Have you altered some rules in playing golf from your last golf trip?

Sure, we've all done it. And to tell the truth, sometimes breaking the rules can make the game relaxed, non-competitive and friendly.

But regardless of how informal your round might be, there are unwritten rules you should abide by. Here are some:

Silence Please
Foremost, golf is a game of concentration. So, you should never distract golfers doing their tee-off, putt or hit. Otherwise, they'll hit bad shots and you will get the blame for it. Thus, keep away those ringing devices that can distract the players. And do your best to exclude talking during the critical times.

Yelling 'fore'
'Fore' is an important and the most popular unwritten rule in playing golf. It's the universal way of letting other golfers know that there's a golf ball headed in their direction. If you don't yell “fore”, you'll possibly hit other golfers and it will get you in trouble.

Get off the line
The line means the path between player and the hole. It's always a good manner to not block or step in line. In fact, a single shoe imprint in the line could alter the direction of the rolling ball causing it to miss the hole.

Respect the game
Don't yell, laugh, or throw your club when you or other golfers miss a shot. Be graceful if you won and respect others if they have lost. And after the round, it's also a matter of respect to remove your hat when shaking hands with your opponents.

Fix your divot
Often times, teeing off and making a fairway shot will result to a large divot. Be courteous enough to replace the divot you made with a new filling mixture located nearby. Replacing it keeps the course playable for future golfers.

Don't forget your tee
After you've made your fairway shot, don't leave your tee behind for the groundskeepers to take care of. Pick up your tee and if it's damaged, throw it in the garbage.

Watch your shadow
Make sure your shadow is not on other golfers' line while they're putting. Politely move back until your shadow doesn't cast the line anymore.

Mind your cart
Park your cart where it doesn't block the hole or the line of another player. Also, follow the 'cart park only' rules provided by your golf course.

Tip well
In your golf vacations, the caddies, bag boys, etc. are not there for fun. It's their job. If they've been serving you well, it's your discretion to tip them professionally.

If you won, buy drinks
Instead of bragging after you've won a lot of money, buy other golfers a drink.

By following these simple unwritten golf rules, you’ll be sure to have a better and a rewarding game on your golf trip.

San Antonio Golf

Displaying image.jpeg
The Palmer course at La Cantera, San Antonio, TX

When you think of golf, most do not think of Texas, but there are some great courses in San Antonio otherwise known as the Texas Hill County. 

The Resort Course at La Cantera hosted the Texas Open when it opened in 1995, it’s a really fun course to play and the 80 foot drop at the 7th tee to the fairway below is awesome some people call this hole The Rattle Snake as you can see the Iron Rattle Snake Roller coaster ride of Six Flaggs in the back ground.

The Palmer course at La Cantera has the highest peak in San Antonio and there are several great views from this course with a spectacular finish consisting of 3 tiers on the 18th hole and the water that comes into play.  You might want to snap a quick photo on the Winnie Palmer Memorial Bridge, a tribute from Arnold Palmer to his late wife Winnie.

After golf, you may want to head to downtown San Antonio to the Riverwalk.  The famous Riverwalk has several restaurants from cafes to fine dining and everything in between or just sit at one of the outdoor restaurants/tables with a beer and people watch.

If you are looking for a major challenge, the Hill Country has TPC San Antonio, which consists of the Canyons and the Oaks.  You will need to stay at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa to get tee times on these two courses. 

You also have Spring Canyons, the Hyatt Hill Country, The Bandit, the Quarry and Silverhorn.  So if you are looking for that “Different Destination”, look no further than the Lone Star State.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Scottsdale - "CP's Top 5" Lodging options for golf groups

Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains

Coming here to Scottsdale, and not sure where to stay? Here are my "Top 5" options as to where to stay and why...from a twosome to a group of 12, these in my opinion are the best options in the valley of the sun!

  • Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center - I love this option as it's a full service resort in a perfect location, and won't cost an arm and a leg even in peak season. The Scottsdale Resort is located in the heart of Scottsdale, has large rooms that are great for double occupancy, and has one of my favorite bars in the valley, Sangrias. You can hang out, enjoy the famous "Fab 5" cocktails for 5 bucks, enjoy really good music, and shoot a couple game of pool. This is my #1 choice for "double occupancy" groups coming to Scottsdale.
  • Private Estate Homes - Have a group of 8-12, and want to hang out under one roof? Our 3 Private Estate Homes located in Fountain Hills are perfect. All 3 are large homes that will sleep up to 12 golfers, each with their own bed, and are decked out with all the goodies that golf groupies love... pool tables, poker tables, private pools and Jacuzzis, putting greens, ping pong, and more. This setup is perfect for a hassle free vacation, as all 3 are less than 10 minutes from We-Ko-Pa, SunRidge Canyon, Eagle Mountain and Desert Canyon clubs. Play golf, come back, grill some steaks, have cocktails and relax with your buddies - that's what the Golf Zoo Private Estate Homes are all about.
  • Villas at Legend and Tradition at Kierland - This is a great setup for foursomes. We have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options here that are located right in the heart of the Kierland Commons area, so tons of restaurants and bars are within 5 minutes. Also a great location to get to the golf in North or Northeast Scottsdale. (TPC, Troon North, Grayhawk, Legend Trail, and of course Kierland Golf Club iis right there) The nice thing here is plenty of space, and the ability to customize the bedding. (Can have 1 King, or 2 twins in each bedroom, and easy to modify.) Very economical, even in peak season.
  • Hyatt House - Old Town Scottsdale - golfing during the day, and bar hopping at night? Hyatt House is your spot! Located in the heart of Oldtown, Hyatt House has 2 bedroom suites with living rooms and full kitchens that are perfect for twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes with the standard two bedroom King/King, the "Trio" with King and 2 doubles, and the very popular "Quad" that has 4 double beds for foursomes. A little more pricey than the condos, but it's all about location and convenience. The free full breakfast buffet (with omelet station) gets your day off to a perfect start. 
  • Marriott at McDowell Mountains - I love the "Triple M" because all the rooms are true suites (separate bedroom and living room) and is a more "upscale" setup at a great value, with a perfect North Scottsdale location. It sits right on the TPC Champions course, and is only "a par 5 away" from the TPC Stadium Course - Home of the Phoenix Open. Beautiful lobby with a great bar and grill, Agave. Perfect choice for couples, the upscale suites at a decent price, and prime location make the Marriott at McDowell Mountains a no-brainer.

Well there it is my "Top 5" for Scottsdale lodging. Whether you're a twosome, foursome, or a large group, one of these spots will make for a great Scottsdale Golf Vacation. You can also see my "Top 10 Scottsdale Golf Courses" and call me at 888-867-6911 and I will email you a complete customized itinerary.

Have fun and hit em straight!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Easy Guide to Playing Eco-friendly Golf

Golfers nowadays are buzzing about the recent development of eco-friendly courses in various golf vacation destinations. These courses are the environmentalist's dream, as they promote earth friendly ways of maintaining the courses immaculately green. They do this by engaging in sustainable practices in water use, chemical use, landscaping and preservation of the natural habitat of the area.

Gardeners and golf course overseers normally perform the job to preserve golf courses, but one of the most significant contributions in this trend is when players like you, support the “green movement” while you’re on the resort.

As you prepare for your golf vacation, you too can do your fair share of preserving the golf environment by doing the following:

·         Carrying a non-plastic water container. Yes, plastic water bottles are convenient, but bringing a non-disposable water container with you can help reduce a big amount of plastic waste in golf courses.

·         Throwing trash responsibly. As been told many times, keep your garbage off the green and into the bin. 

·         Pick up tees after play. Don't give the turf maintenance team a headache and don't leave your tees scattered around. You can also avoid creating trouble for other players.

·         Fix all ball marks. Learn to bend your back and cover up the ball marks sometimes. It is, after all, part of the golf course etiquette.

·         Use Eco-friendly products. Go green when shopping for your golf balls, tees, towels and other gears for your golf trip.

·         Avoid using golf carts. Riding them for comfort also produces air pollution, greenhouse fumes, and damages to the turf as they go. Leave the cart at the clubhouse. Walk instead.

·         Stay on the cart paths and take care of it. It would even be better to encourage the use of electric cars if there's none in your club.  Also, take great care of your cart as the maintenance will also take its toll on the environment.

·         Play only within the course boundary.  If you step beyond, there's a great risk of you causing damages to the surrounding flora. So learn how to stop and stay only within the designated area and just enjoy the view.  

So now that you have learned how to be a truly eco-friendly golfer– a true sportsman and defender of the environment- share these best practices with your favorite golf buddy and family, so they too will follow your league.

As more and more golf vacation destinations adapt to sustainable practices in the golf industry, you should do your share in minimizing your carbon footprint on the environment. Now that's a sure eagle!