Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Ideas For Golfers

As the old saying goes, It is better to give than to receive...
But to be on the giver's end means having to think up of the most appropriate gifts – the ones that would definitely leave a huge smile on the receiver's face. Not to mention, earn you an even bigger thank you. It is hard enough to find a gift for anyone, let alone golfers!

If you are looking to buy gifts for an entire family of golfers, here's a short list of gift ideas to make any golfer's Christmas extra, extra merry:

For Your Father:

Give Dad some hot new swag to take with him the next day he gets on the greens! And what better way to show off than get him a new GOLF BAG?! And the best part is, you can have it customized. It is easier to have some custom work done on all-leather golf bag than engrave dad's initials on his iron golf clubs. See if that does not make him feel all Tiger with his very own golf bag that bears his own emblem.

For Your Mother:
If Dad gets his golf bag, Mom should get her new set of skin care products that could keep her beautiful skin covered on the greens. Moisturizers, sun block, lip balm with sunblock, exfoliants – you name it. Or better yet, get her a gift certificate to the local aesthetics center for a more personalized service. Mom needs to look fab on the greens all the time, that's imperative!

For Your Sister:

Young ladies must always look their absolute best – and the best thing to give your sister is a pair of new golfer clothes--socks, polo's, etc. Dress her up a la Annika Sorenstam or Michelle Wie, or play with her favorite colors. It does not matter. Just make sure it fits her and it makes her feel good looking.

For Your Brother:
What's a better gift for a starting golfer but a starting kit itself? Get him his own mini golf bag (fashioned after Dad's!) and set of golf clubs! That's definitely a great way to get him going in the sport.

For The Entire Family:
A COMPLETE GOLF VACATION PACKAGE!  Get that gift certificate signed, sealed and delivered, and slip it into the family stocking. See if that won't get everyone scrambling off to pack their bags soon after the holidays. Not only does the family get to spend some much needed R n' R and quality time together, they also get to show off all their new stuff from Christmas. 

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