Monday, April 30, 2007

Junk the Jet Phil!

Dear Phil;

You're very talented, but you can't keep flying that Gulfstream home at night after a tournament round such as at the Nissan Open flying home each night from L.A. to San Diego. Just this last week, you missed the Pro-Am in Dallas at the Byron Nelson Classic. The PGA Tour didn't disqualify you from the tournament, which now has all the other players riled up, as they would have been disqualified for the same infraction of the rules. Phil, you just changed coaches from Rick Smith to Butch Harmon. Now sell the Gulfstream on eBay already and work more on the game.

Joe Fann

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

South End Beauty

This past weekend I played Willbrook Plantation and the new greens look great! They are still a bit firm yet but rolled very true and are in perfect shape. The course was renovated this past summer and had the new Champion Bermuda greens put in. There were also several projects completed to enhance the aesthetics of the course and many others planned to take place over the next few years.

For those of you who have not played this track you are missing out on a wonderful plantation style course. I consider Willbrook as one of the best values on the Grand Strand. It has beautiful live oaks, lakes, superb landscaping and wonderfully manicured greens, fairways and tees.

On your next trip to Myrtle Beach be sure to add Willbrook Plantation to your list. If your looking for a great 36 hole day consider adding River Club or Litchfield, both of which are with-in a few minutes drive.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Winter Golf in Florida

Peak season golf package time in Florida runs between middle of January to the middle of April. Yes, the weather up north has been pretty bad for a couple of months and golfers are anxious to travel to warmer destinations.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - November and December are some of the best times to play golf in Florida. The weather is perfect, you don't get that January or February cold snap. The rates are very attractive and not yet into high peak season rates. The golf courses are not as busy, due to the fact that most package groups are coming during peak times. Savings could be as much as a couple hundred dollars per person for a package.

During this time of year you bring in Jacksonville, which is typically 10 degrees colder than the Orlando area. In mid January/February - it can get a little chilly in northern Florida. November/December is typically warmer and you can enjoy some great Jacksonville golf.

I know that winter up north hasn't hit to hard in November/December; but take it from a former Upstate New Yorker, it's a nice way to finish off the year - with a golf package to Florida.

I live in Orlando and I have played golf all over the state of Florida. Please feel free to contact me at 888.333.6103 to plan your next golf vacation to Florida, also check out our website -

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Grease is the Word!"

After being in the Golf Vacation Business for 7 years, and the Vice President of Golf Zoo Inc., you probably expect me to be a tradionalist with a USGA bag tag and a copy of the Rules of Golf in my bag.

Not even close.

I'm a weekend hackin' chop who looks for every advantage (legal or not) I can get on my weekend buddies who often will make ridiculous "double down" bets on the tee at 18 to avoid buyin a beer or 7. I have a full time gig, and a three year old daughter who is heavy into activities... Who has the time or the patience to practice? Gimme a break.

I have found the answer.

I recently read Rick Reilly's "Who's Your Caddy" where he caddies for a number of different characters - one of them being the infamous Dewey Tomko, the most notorious golf gambler on the planet. Dewey explains that the gamblers frequently "grease up" their clubs with various lubricants to take the spin off the ball and get more distance, so I figured what the hell - if it's good enough for Dewey......

I proceed to Walgreens, pick up a tube of Vaseline intensive care and immediately start talkin' trash on the first tee at Eagle Mountain. I cover the entire clubface of my driver with a generous portion and stripe it 260 down the middle. There was no talkin' to me the rest of the day. I was greasin' up anything from the driver down to 8 irons. It was beautiful. I typically hit a pretty serious fade, and I promise you that a little vaso did the trick. Walked outa there with a nifty little 81 where I don't believe I've ever broken 85.

I don't think the boys at the PGA would agree, but it sure was fun free swingin' and not having to bother the snakes...

Thanks Dewey. You're my hero.