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Michigan Golf Packages

Michigan is more than just the Great Lakes state, it also the Wolverine state, the mitten

state, home of the Yoopers (people whom reside in Upper Michigan), and also home to some

amazing golfing experiences. When you purchase one of the Michigan golf packages you get

the opportunity to explore over eight hundred public courses and some of the leading golf

resorts. Michigan is a state full of surprises, from the seemingly never ending forests and hidden

mountains of the Upper Peninsula to the quaintly beautiful Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw)

Island and back down to the beaches and orchards of Lower Michigan.

Treetops Resort located in Gaylord, Michigan, which is in the northern part of the Lower

Peninsula. This resort offers many activities throughout the entire year, but is well known for the

stunning golf courses. They have five courses with a total of eighty one holes for you to play,

including the final course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr and the only course in the state

designed by Tom Fazio. Treetops is also the location of one of the top par three courses in the

United States which is lovingly named Threetops. There is also a homage to the walking golf

tradition on the gorgeous Tradition course which is known for the links-style layout that takes

advantage of ridges and hill tops but is still comfortable to walk. This course also allows the

choice to only play nine holes because the first half of the course wraps around the starter

house, making it easily accessible. Treetops Resort also has the Signature course which has

been rated in the top fifty courses for women and has rolling greens, wide fairways, and a

couple undisturbed natural areas within the course. The course that Tom Fazio designed is

called Premier and utilizes the natural terrain to give a wonderful mixture of complexity and

forgiveness. And the final course, the Masterpiece, was the final design of Robert Trent Jones,

Sr and he even said it was his crowning glory. This sensational course is located on the Pigeon

River headwaters and makes the lands natural ravines, valleys, and plains into invaluable

assets. The sixth hole is the signature hole and provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the

Pigeon River which is truly a sight that embodies Michigan. All of these courses are available at

your fingertips when you book one of the Michigan golf packages from

Purchasing one of the Michigan golf packages allows you an opportunity to take

advantage of some of the other fantastic activities available in Michigan. As most residents

know Michigan harbors some well kept secrets. Not too far from the resort is the beautiful

Otsego Lake State Park which has some wonderful hiking within its sixty-two acres and offers

boat rentals to take advantage of the great fishing. Or you can relax on the half mile beach,

which is also dog friendly so your four legged family members don’t feel left out.

It’s phenomenal that the Michigan golf packages open up endless opportunities for your

golf experience as well as activities for the whole family to enjoy together. When you go to

Michigan you get to enjoy the notable friendliness of the Midwest and so much more. Book your

trip with one of the Michigan golf packages from golf

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Play Your Dream Course with Masters Packages

Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of the greats. For many people that means

playing the same golf courses that the professionals have played. Golf is one of the few sports

that gives people the opportunities to walk and play on the same ground as their heroes. Very

few professional sports offer that one of a kind experience. But how are you going to obtain your

personal Masters experience? By purchasing one of the Master’s packages available from of course! Save some money and still play a legendary course that was previously

played by legendary players. Now, that’s a win/ win situation!

Many golf courses are beautiful. Many golf courses embrace the natural ebbs and flows

of the landscape they are carved into. They use decorative flora to give you picturesque and

serene scenery as you play your round. But, there are certain courses that stick with the players

because they are the perfect combination of challenge and relaxation. The Masters packages

offer you the unique opportunity to play a course that is perfectly groomed while maintaining the

natural beauty of the world around it. Each hole has stunning mature trees that tower over you

and give you a break from the hot sun. Every hole is also complimented with different and

beautiful flowering trees and bushes, which is how they got their names.

The course was designed by Bobby Jones, one of the founders of the Masters event,

and Allister Mackenzie, who has golf course designs on four continents. The curious thing about

Bobby Jones is that he was never an actual professional golfer. He mainly played golf part time

and made his living as a lawyer. Jones retired from golf at the age of twenty-eight and helped

design the Masters course just a few years after that. He did come out of retirement to play for

exhibition during the Masters from 1934 to 1948, which was the year he had to stop playing golf

for health reasons. Allister Mackenzie also had a very interesting background. He was originally

trained as a surgeon and likened golf course design to designing military camouflage.

Mackenzie was known to challenge the conservative aspect of golf by adopting and

implementing more modern techniques to his course design while remaining sensitive to the

natural undulations of the land. In his book he says "the chief object of every golf course

architect worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature [and presumably also the hazards] so

closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself.” These two men, working

harmoniously, created one of the most phenomenal courses in the world. Your time to play this

course is now and you can do it with the Masters packages.

It’s time you walked the same greens as the greats. It’s time you teed off from the same

place as some of the most memorable players in golf history. It’s time that you take your dream

game to the next level by playing one of the best courses ever designed. And you can do it with

Masters packages.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Las Vegas Golf Packages

Las Vegas is far more than just brightly colored, over-the- top casinos and bars. It also

has culture, music, art and some of the most beautifully challenging golf links in the U.S. When

you purchase one of the many Las Vegas golf packages available you get to play these links

while being able to misbehave in one of the most notorious cities in the world. And, just in case,

there are plenty of later tee times for those mornings you just can’t seem to get out of bed after

a late night on the town.

Las Vegas is Spanish for “the meadows”. The name was first used in 1829 by a scout

from a trading party named Raphael Rivera. His party was on its way to Los Angeles and they

stopped while on their way from New Mexico via the Old Spanish Trail. The area used to be

covered in wells that were fed from the Las Vegas Wash that runs to the Colorado River so it

was truly an oasis in the middle of extremely harsh desert. In 1844 President Tyler asked John

C Fremont to lead a group of scouts, spies, and scientists to the Las Vegas area to prepare for

war with Mexico. They set up a fort and the war with Mexico certainly did happen and the

territory officially became part of the U.S. There was even a time the Mormons tried to settle in

the Las Vegas area for the first time, but the stresses of being so new in that area were too

much for them so they went back to Utah. The area remained mainly unoccupied for the next

few years except for a few travelers and traders staying in the clandestine fort. After all that

happened the property got passed around from owner to owner eventually landing into the

scope of Montana Senator William Clark and his railroad endeavors. The area was promoted to

farmers and those farmers then named the county after Senator Clark. Las Vegas as we know it

didn’t start to boom until the thirties when the Hoover Dam was commissioned and the

population soared from about five thousand to twenty five thousand and in 1931 gambling

become legal, though Vegas already had a decently well-known gambling industry. Growth

continued in the area regardless of the many tough times. Las Vegas’ tumultuous history has

given us the modern city we know today.

The Las Vegas area is now home to over fifty golf courses. When purchasing one of

many Las Vegas golf packages available you will have to narrow down where you would really

like to play because if you tried to play all of the courses available you would be there for over

two months. There are many courses available that have been designed by the game’s

celebrities that you just won’t want to miss. From the drastic elevation changes on the South

Shore Golf Club links to the revolutionary links at the Revere at Anthem, Las Vegas provides

courses for every level of golfer. There are courses to satisfy even the most seasoned golfer.

Many courses are tucked perfectly within the desert’s rugged landscape to provide the most

stunning and contrasting views for you. When booking one of the Las Vegas golf packages

make sure you look into what’s known as the “world’s most complete golf experience” at Angel

Park. This course is situated to give you gorgeous views of the Red Rock Canyon and the rest

of the Las Vegas Valley. If you want views of the city as well you could book one of the available

Las Vegas golf packages for TPC Las Vegas. This course offers you a backdrop of the skyline

of the city while simultaneously offering views of the Red Rock Canyon.

Whichever of the Las Vegas golf packages you choose, you will not be disappointed!

Contact our Las Vegas golf expert to make sure you get the perfect vacation tailored just for you

and truly make the most out of your golfing experience.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Old South Golf Links

Picture this; a beautiful, crisp, South Carolina Sunday morning. The breeze gently

caressing the trees making it seem as though the leaves are singing the song of the Old South.

The smell of freshly cut grass wafts through the air. The sun has just fully crested the horizon

and the sky is turning a brilliant shade of light blue, with just the right amount of fluffy clouds

adorning it. And where are you? Getting ready to tee off on one of the most beautiful golf

courses in the state; the Old South Golf Links. Does this seem like the kind of Sunday morning

you would enjoy?

At Old South Golf Links you can fully enjoy your relaxing golf outing. They offer

everything you would need to get the most out of your experience. From novice to professional,

local to tourist, they have you covered. Old South Golf Links will provide you with the ultimate

golf excursion. If you forget your clubs, not a big deal, you can rent some of theirs. They will

even provide you with a sleeve of balls. Have no clue how to golf? Old South Golf Links has

amazing PGA certified trainers to make sure you walk away with confidence and a new

appreciation for golf. They have different golf packages to choose from ranging from single rates

to a lesson, lunch, and play package so you have options to choose how you would like your

golf outing tailored to you.

Not only does Old South Golf Links provide you with some great amenities to give you

but the location in which they are located is stunning. Old South Golf Links is located in the

low country and they certainly embraced that in the beautiful course design. They are nestled

among intercoastal marshes with dazzling views from the island greens. High above your head

you’ll see grand, towering, old oak trees and other natural flora. There is no lack of fauna either

because the marshes are teeming with a wide array of animals. You could see the endangered

wood stork. You could also see any one of the numerous species of impressive hawks that are

native to South Carolina. However, birds are not the only wildlife you may see because the

marshes are teeming with mammals, crustaceans, reptiles and amphibians, including alligators.

It is truly a sight to be seen. And a golf course to be played.

Let’s not forget about refueling after playing eighteen holes. The restaurant is situated to

overlook the eighteenth hole so it would be a short stroll after finishing up. You could enjoy a

delicious breakfast omelet, burrito, or scramble before hitting the greens since they serve that

until 11:30AM. Then after your game come back to enjoy a beer and the scrumptious Old South

Burger which is known as the best burger in town.

Old South Golf Links will give you just what you need to relax and release the stresses

from the everyday grind. There is a reason why they have won numerous awards since their

conception. It’s time you come experience those reasons. It’s time to book your trip to the Old

book your trip to the Old South Golf Links!

Friday, April 15, 2016

NFL Schedule Released - Check out who plays when on your Golf Vacation in Arizona!

Here's the 2016 schedule for the Arizona Cardinals and Sun Devils. Come on out and support your college or professional teams on your next golf vacation to Arizona!

2016 Arizona Cardinal Home Game Schedule:

Sunday Sept. 11 vs. New England Patriots @5:30 PM
Sunday Sept. 18th vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers @1:05 PM
Sunday Oct 2nd vs L.A. Rams @1:25 PM
Monday Oct. 17th vs. New York Jets @5:30 PM
Sunday Oct. 23rd vs. Seattle Seahawks @5:30 PM
Sunday Nov. 13th vs. San Francisco 49ers @2:25 PM
Sunday Nov. 20th vs. Minnesota Vikings @11:00 AM
Sunday Dec. 4th vs. Washington Redskins @2:25 PM

2016 Arizona State Sun Devils Home Game Schedule *

Saturday Sept. 3rd vs Northern Arizona
Saturday Sept. 10th vs. Texas Tech
Saturday Sept. 24 vs. California
Saturday Oct. 8th vs. UCLA
Saturday Oct. 22nd vs. Washington State
Thursday Nov. 10th vs. Utah

* Times to be determined

Contact Lori Greene @ Golf Zoo 888-867-6921 to book your rooms or an awesome private home and get in a few rounds of golf while you're here!

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Florida Golf Packages

Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State” is internationally known for excellent tennis,

auto racing, water sports, and the most important past time, golf. Florida is home to over fifteen

hundred courses, all are unique, but a few stand out and will truly leave you with a sense of awe

and appreciation for the game and the natural beauty of the state. This is one of the few places

in the U.S. where you can swim in the Gulf of Mexico in the morning and golf on the Atlantic

coast in the afternoon (or vice versa, whichever you prefer). When you book one of the many

fantastic available Florida golf packages your options for a phenomenal time are endless.

Central Florida offers some of the best golf courses in the state. It’s home to the Florida

Highlands which were an overlooked area of the state until recently. Central Florida is home to

some truly amazing courses, for example, the historic Mission Inn Golf Resort and Spa, just

outside of the hustle and bustle of Orlando and seemingly in a world all its own. This particular

resort offers two courses, both are unique and will provide hours of enjoyment. These courses

are known for mature pine and magnolia trees, abundant wildlife, and a relaxing game with no

houses or condos to spoil the pristine fairways. Not far from Orlando on Florida’s Atlantic Coast

is an area known as the Space Coast. Rightly named because it is the proud home of the

Kennedy Space Center but is also a wildlife refuge and has some absolutely stunning beaches.

This area needs to be on every nature-loving golfers bucket list because it is home to some

extremely challenging courses, including Baytree National Golf Links and The Majors Golf Club.

There are also many courses in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas that offer plenty of

challenges to seasoned golfers but will also tantalize you to relax on their white sand beaches.

Any one of these destinations and more are available through the Florida golf packages.

In Southern Florida you will find some other marvelous destinations to satisfy your golf

lust. Southern Florida is home to Miami, offering some excellent cuisine, rich culture, vibrant

nightlife, and some incredible golf courses. When you’re playing golf in Miami you find yourself

in an oasis in the city, an escape within itself. However, if you would like to be in an area that

may not be as busy as Miami you can go a bit North to Fort Lauderdale and visit the city known

as the “Venice of America”. You will get to experience the natural beauty of the area and rich

cultural diversity without the stresses of a much larger city. The courses around Fort Lauderdale

are known for decency easy accessibility, low green fees, warm ocean breezes, and an overall

relaxed vibe. These amazing cities, and more, are within your reach when you purchase one of

the custom Florida golf packages.

Florida is a golf lover’s dream destination. The mild climate and plenty of sunshine make

this state an easy place to fall in love with. The wide variety of courses will challenge you or take

your relaxing vacation to the next level. And while you golf your family can visit the many

beaches, so everyone wins! Be sure to contact one of the Florida golf experts to discuss what’s

available when you purchase one of the many Florida golf packages and truly make this

vacation one to remember.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hawaii Golf Packages

Hawaii is truly an impressive place to visit. The amazing weather, the beautiful views,

and the rich culture make it impossible to not fall in love the moment you set foot on this

remarkable island chain. The food is one of a kind, the island cuisine is delectable, the resorts

are luxuriously inviting, and the golf links embody every one of those aspects. Hawaii is home to

some of the most memorable links you could ever have the opportunity to play. You can tee off

with a backdrop of the ocean or a bubbling volcano. Hawaii is a paradise within reach,

especially when you book Hawaii golf packages from!

You have two islands to choose from- Maui or Oahu. They each have their own

breathtaking, unique scenery for you to enjoy and on top of getting to choose between two

islands, you also have an endless combination of world renowned golf courses and top of the

line accommodations to make the most of your trip.

For example, on Maui you could choose to play the Royal Kaanapali course which will

take you from sea level up to several hundred feet and show you remarkable views of the coast.

Because it’s nestled among the West Maui Mountains, you will get to experience the beauty of

the mountains up close and personal. If you really want to get up close to a volcano you can

choose to play the Old Blue Course at Wailea. The course is in the foothills of the 10, 023 foot

dormant volcano called Mount Haleakala. The Old Blue is teaming with native Hawaiian

botanicals and coral sand bunkers. When you get to the top of the course you are graced with

an impressive view of the majestic Ma’ alaea Bay and the West Maui Mountains. There are

numerous options, beyond these examples, when you book any one of the Hawaii golf


And then there is the majesty of Oahu. Oahu is known for the beauty of the North Shore,

but golf greats such as Arnold Palmer have made quite an impression on this island. Two

championship courses have a home at Turtle Bay- the Fazio Course and the Palmer course.

The Palmer course wanders through natural wetlands and natural waterways as well as dense

Hawaiian jungle. The jungle helps protect against the ocean breezes but still makes the course

challenging enough to satisfy the most experienced. You do get to meet the ocean on the

seventeenth hole, which is an experience you will never forget. This course has been

recognized by many notable publications and is consistently ranked in the top one hundred

courses in the United States by Golf Digest. The Fazio course is known to be a bit more

forgiving than the Palmer Course and welcomes golfers to take their time traipsing through the

lush greens, enjoying their time in the sun. This course is known for its seaside links and

accommodating resort feel, and is fantastic for priming for the Palmer Course. Don’t be

completely fooled by the courses relaxed demeanor because those greens still pack a punch

because they are raised and considered smaller. Both courses are within your reach when you

book one of the Hawaii golf packages from

Hawaii is truly a utopia for golfers with everything that it has to offer. It offers distinctive

vegetation, sometimes challenging ocean breezes, and views that would make anyone jealous.

After you book one of your Hawaii golf packages make sure to make room on your camera or

smartphone so you can capture every memorable moment.

For more info or to Book your Hawaiian Golf Package, click here.

Have a Healthy Getaway with Group Golf Packages

Has it been awhile since you’ve hung out with your high school pals? Do you and the

ladies need a weekend away from the hectic family life? Maybe you’re looking to book a

relaxing weekend trip for the office as a team building exercise. Whatever the reason may be

that you need to get away from the stresses of every day life you can count on to

accommodate you and your friends needs with group golf packages. They can even help you

come up with a custom package so that you know your needs will be met.

Did you know that golfing is not only a ton of fun but also beneficial to your health? So

while you and your friends are having an excellent time enjoying sunny skies and sarcasm

you’re actually doing yourself some good! You are reducing your stress levels, which we all

know tend to run very high in today’s modern society. Reducing your stress levels has many

health benefits, including weight loss, better sleep, healthier hearts, and better relationships.

Studies have shown that playing golf may help stave off dementia because the unique

challenges it gives the player. Golfing requires coordination, strategy, and concentration, all of

which stimulate the brain. By learning and speaking in the terms of the game you are essentially

learning a new language. Each sport has it’s own terminology and to remember those terms and

use them properly means that you have a thorough understanding of those words, and therefore

you have a good grasp on another language. That means getting one of the group golf

packages can actually help you!

Your companions that are also purchasing some group golf packages will enjoy those

same personal benefits of golf, but you will all also get some group benefits. Golfing, especially

with good friends, is a great way to socialize in a group. Studies have found that the more social

you are in person, particularly when you’re older, the more stimulated you are and because of

that you prevent a lot of potential problems. One of the most common problems in older adults

is depression and a feeling of loneliness. Golf encourages you to talk, laugh, swear, and get

creative with your friendly, yet crass, rebuttals. The more social interactions you have, the more

benefits to your brain. You and your friends will also get some exercise in even if you don’t

realize it between the beers. On average, a golfer will walk up to six miles and burn about

fourteen hundred calories. Obviously, this works best if you don’t rent a cart.

Golfing gets you out of the house and into some fresh air. It provides you physical and

mental stimulation in more ways than one. Golf allows you to have fun while reaping a lot of

amazing health benefits. Have some of the experts at help you come up with the

ultimate healthy getaway for you and your friends with their fantastic group golf packages! There

is a perfect trip waiting for you!

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Golf Packages Ireland

Envision waking up to the smell of hot corned beef and hash along with a view

overlooking the Irish Sea, as well as a world class golf course. Or perhaps you would prefer

bacon wafting through the air while overlooking a course designed by Arnold Palmer and

luscious gardens. Maybe you would prefer to wake up and feel the history of your surroundings

with your morning cup of coffee, while the ancient tales of Druids dance in your imagination.

Whichever sounds good, you can achieve any of those scenarios, and more, when you search

golf packages Ireland on . And the best part? Most of the golf links are open year

round, due to Ireland’s mild climate.

One of the absolutely amazing golf packages Ireland that you can choose from includes

a stay at the illustrious Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links, which is situated on a shoreline of a

peninsula that juts out into the Irish Sea. This beautiful hotel and golf links are only about fifteen

minutes from the Dublin International Airport and within a half hour of Dublin’s city center. This

means you can escape but still have the option to be part of the hustle and bustle that is city life.

When you visit Portmarnock you become entranced with the surrounding beauty as you play

your round of golf. These links are known for their elevated greens and tees, as well as some

tricky blind approaches and doglegs. The Portmarnock Golf Club has been in existence since

1894, when it officially opened the first nine holes on December twenty-sixth.

Another example of our golf packages Ireland includes the legendary Kildare Hotel and

Golf Club, lovingly referred to as the K Club. This hotel and links are situated about a half hour

outside of Dublin in a lush countryside. The hotel itself is steeped in lavishness; each room was

individually decorated with the utmost care and absolute grandeur in mind. The property boasts

two golf links- each designed by the notable Arnold Palmer. The golf club has hosted the Ryder

Cup and a total of thirteen European Opens and was recently voted one of the top ten golf

resorts by CNN. A trip to Ireland is not complete without a round of golf at the Kildare.

The last of the examples of what you can find when you search “golf packages Ireland”

is for the Druid’s Glen Hotel and Golf Course, a stunning estate located about thirty minutes

from Dublin in a picturesque, secluded area of Wicklow. The original Woodstock estate which

harbors this beautiful resort dates back to 1600, and the clubhouse dates back to 1770. They

host two courses- Druid’s Glen and Druid’s Heath. The Druid’s Glen course is known as the

“Augusta of Europe” and will welcome you with manicured tree-lines and fairways, dynamic

gardens, and historical landmarks. This course has accommodated The Seve Trophy and the

Irish Open. The second links, Druid’s Heath, will give you a different challenge because the sea

breezes sweep over the course. You may also be distracted with the magnificent views of the

sea, the mountains, and the softened allure of the rolling Irish countryside. Whether you play

one, or both courses, you will not be disappointed.

Ireland has a lot of offer for any visitor. The people are welcoming and warm, the beer is

hearty, and the golf is world class. Be sure to look up golf packages Ireland and ask one of the

many experts available on which package would be right for you to get the most

out of your experience.

For more information or to Book your Ireland Golf Package, click here.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Tai Chi as a Golf Vacation Fitness Program

Some people look at golf vacation as an avenue for relieving oneself of stress. However, the pressure of winning a friendly competition can, to some extent, even render one sleepless with the anxiety of aiming for victory. As boring and non-confrontational golf looks like on television, some die-hard patrons can take this sport very seriously. In fact, their aggressive aspiration to win a scheduled friendly match is more likely to put more pressure than their bosses yelling at them through the intercom to finish their weekly report. And for this reason, players might go on perpetual “battle-for-survival” mode with their training. But there's a reason why Tai Chi can be the best fitness program for extremely tense golfers.

Confucius says, “fight fire with water”...
He didn't actually say it, but that is beside the point. The thing is, not all people work well under pressure. Getting worked up on one's upcoming golf game would more likely derail their training because no matter how it serves as a so-called motivator, there is only a certain level of tension acceptable in bringing out the best in the athlete. Instead of choosing an exercise that further agitates one's state of mind, this meditative Chinese calisthenics is the best alternative. The number one rule in Tai Chi? Relax (or else, it will still make you). If you think the “slow stationary dance” movements performed by senior citizens at the park is easy, think again.

Why are slow movements tiring, Mr. Miyagi?
Tai Chi is guaranteed to have its practitioners sweat buckets. In fact, by the time their done on their first session, they will not believe the overlooked wonders of their sweat glads being capable of imitating the miniature version of a waterfall. Despite its slow and deliberate gyrations, Tai Chi focuses on continuous muscle tension at every joint movement. How does this help you develop a better game performance in your scheduled golf trip contest? Imagine being consciously aware of every muscle group's contribution to that one clean swing. It's like practically being given a handbook titled What's Wrong with Your Golf Swing?

In China (H.K.), old people climb up 8th floor stairs
China is one of the generic places on the globe that has the highest number of senior citizens around the age of 80's with functional limbs. Controlled breathing and precise limb movements gave these oldies their stereotype-defying spryness. In all fairness, practicing Tai Chi is so highly effective that merely doing it for the purpose of killing (positively speaking) the next game golf vacation contest almost does this therapeutic exercise a grave injustice.