Thursday, May 05, 2011

Golf and All Its Well-Rounded Health Benefits

Contrary to what most people believe, golf has actually more benefits to human health. It may not be as action-packed as most other sports, and it may be mellow and slow in comparison, but that does not mean it is in any way less healthier. Playing golf regularly boosts the physical, mental, and social health of an individual.


A game of golf, given that all 18 holes are played, could burn at least 300 hundred calories when you walk and carry the clubs. (Riding a cart could only burn 230 calories, lower in comparison than when walking and carrying the clubs). Golf is an excellent cardiovascular workout that helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body and speed up metabolism. This helps you regulate and manage your weight easier. A trip to the driving range could also burn 200 calories.
To add to that, regular exercise helps promote excellent and healthy sleeping patterns. With good sleep, the body is given time to rest and repair itself from all the strains of daily life.


More than a physical game, golf is a mental game. It is a game of strategies and skills combined, with the brain dictating the tempo of the game most of the time. A golfer needs to psyche himself up pretty well to make it out of a golf game with an excellent scorecard. Playing regular rounds of golf boosts mental activity, something that would be very beneficial to those who are aging. Research shows that regular mental exercise helps sharpen the mind and protect against premature dementia or forgetfulness.


The game of golf may be played alone, but it doesn't mean it's a sport for the anti-social! Playing regular rounds of golf with friends, or belonging to the same golf club promotes a healthy social life. It allows for healthy competition, as well as breed good personal relationships.

And speaking of personal relationships, playing golf together as a family may also strengthen family bonds – especially with the kids. Kids are never too young to swing a club! Golf is perhaps one of those few sports that parents can enjoy with their kids without having to worry about being outrun by younger and stronger legs. Plus, it opens up doors for parents to communicate with their kids, teach them virtues through the sport, all the while getting to know them. It also serves as room for a healthy competition among family members without going physical on each other.

Golf's benefits are as calm as the game itself. They don't necessarily present themselves outright as benefits, like in most other sports. But when it comes to total, well-rounded health, golf has a lot to say!