Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Scientific Way to Determine the Best Golf Ball

Nearly a year ago, we told you about GolfBallSelector.com, which will, in less than 15 minutes and for less than you’ll pay for a sleeve of premium golf balls, identify the best golf ball for your game.

You may recall how this works: the researchers at GolfBallSelector.com test and measure the performance characteristics of virtually every ball on the market, then compare this data with information you supply about your game via a 15-question “fitting session.”

The result is a scientific (i.e. objective) list of the five best golf balls for you, those that will likely improve your distance, accuracy, feel…or all three.

Today’s tip is merely a follow up to let you know about two very cool developments.

First, the guys in the lab have gone out and tested about a dozen more golf balls; new ones from 2008 and 2009, bringing their database up to more than 60 models from all the major manufacturers. The list, which I saw over at mygolfspy.com, now includes:

by Craig Better of golfvacationinsider.com