Monday, January 25, 2016

Take a Golf Trip and become a better golfer

Whether it's a once in a lifetime trip, or you go to the same destination annually, sometimes it's those special courses that bring out the best in you.

According to a well-known psychologist named Anders Ericsson, becoming a better golfer requires practicing beyond your comfort zone. That includes changing it up from the same 18 holes week after week. And proper technique goes beyond mindlessly pounding balls in an effort to build muscle memory – because according to Ericsson, muscles do not have the memory, only the brain does.  He further stated that improving your golf game has to be deliberate; it has to be done with purpose and must include a little pain until a golfer finally learns to bend the ball at his will.

For those of you who are seriously aiming to be a better player, here are six drills to help in that process. If you try them at your local golf club before heading off on your trip, or on the trip itself, they will be sure to further your game. They are guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone and lower your handicap.

Rehearse your full swing.  Take note that mindlessly swinging will hardly make you a better golfer, so make it your goal to do a deliberate practice swing of the particular technique you would like to learn and utilize. For instance, if you are focusing on the backswing, you don't have to jump up to the tee right away.

Take dead aim as a game. Maximize your the of practice tees by using them to your advantage. Kick off by playing an entire nine using a variety of clubs and scoring yourself accordingly. Generally, the first hole calls for driver, then 6-iron, and eventually wedge. Use specific clubs in succession and so that you are able to make use of your equipment in random order.

Improve your chipping distance. Some golfers find chipping a challenge. If this doesn’t happen to be your strength, don’t fret because there are ways to improve on this aspect. Once you're out on the practice green, take five balls and drive chips to your target hole until you eventually knock all five balls to within a club-length of the cup. Repeat this drill until you finally manage to knock them all inside.

Target that straight five-foot putt on the practice green.  When you are on a golf trip, make it your goal to do at least 50 straight five-foot putts. It will be a bit challenging but it will greatly improve your short stroke.

Work on your half wedges. Acknowledge that you can’t always hit wedges at full distances and dedicate some time to improve on this. Do not be discouraged when you hit awkward distances like 35, 50 and 75 yards, instead keep hitting until you land a ball within an acceptable distance.

Blast sand shots! Be extra careful not to mindlessly swing sand shots from the practice bunker. Instead, use this to further improve your skill. Decide on a challenging radius around a hole and practice blasting five balls within your chosen radius. Eventually shrink your radius, send shots from a new distance, and start over again.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Golf Vacation Destinations

Whether you just want to take a break from work and de-stress, or you simply want to tune up your golfing skills, these 3 spots are the best places to go to during this time of the year. 

Arguably the most famous and most populous state in all of the U.S., people come here from all over the world not just to visit but to settle, live and thrive. There is no wonder why millions of people choose to be here: impressive beauty, wealth and lifestyle. California is warm during the Holiday Season, making it a perfect place to visit.  It is also home to many top-notch golf courses to to help you unwind, relax and destress. Pristine green and premier accommodations are yours for the taking.

Moreover, California is full of many natural and man-made sights that are frequented by many tourists each year. There are beaches, mountains, lakes, infamous bridges and big city escapes for your post-golf activities. The mixture of many cultures makes this place vibrant and rich of varieties of tastes and cuisines. During the Xmas season, California becomes even more alive and exciting as a lot of people who wish to escape the cold come here.

If you are looking for a fun filled holiday retreat where you can party, get lost and play a whole lot of golf, Mexico is the perfect place for you. This country is exquisite, vivacious and very alive. There is so much energy generated around by the locals, expats and visitors and every day spent here is fun and full of adventure. 

They’ve got a lot of outstanding golf resorts here that are favorites of World Champions. The sun, unique flare and the natural beauty (caves, hidden beaches, secret lagoons and more) that Mexico offers makes it easy for golf Holiday trip seekers to choose Mexico over any other place in the world.

Surf and golf holiday combo? If you are looking for a laid back escape to play golf and hit the beach, Hawaii is the top choice for you. Famous for its amazing blue waters, Hawaii’s got great green too. Located in Maui and Oahu, Hawaiian golf courses are surrounded by epic splendor: mountains, beaches, a volcano, palm trees and more! Warm all year, it is the perfect winter destination for just about anyone! 

There are many professional golfers who live in Hawaii, and why not? The way of life and the challenging golf courses is the ultimate combination to make this extraordinary paradise a number one golf vacation destination.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Williamsburg Golf Packages

Williamsburg, Virginia is one of the most sought after golf destinations in the world. It is a

haven for the discriminating golfer who is seeking new challenges, as well as a relaxing

getaway for the amateur who just wants to golf and enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds, and

culture of the South. In Williamsburg, your experience is about more than golfing. It’s also about

getting the biggest bang for your buck, and the best way to do that is by booking one of the

many available Williamsburg golf packages. There are various options to make sure you get the

perfect package that is catered to what you want to do, at a price you can feel comfortable


One of the most beautiful and sought after courses is the Golden Horseshoe. This public

course actually includes two courses. It’s also completely surrounded by woods and is an official

Audubon sanctuary. This means you won’t have residential noise to mess up your game. The

Gold course was designed by famed architect, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., who said it was his

favorite design. This course has won several awards and ranks in the top one-hundred golf

courses, on a regular basis. The Green course was designed by Rees Jones, Robert Trent

Jones’ son. According to Jones this course is a “shot-makers course”. This course will take you

through twenty acres of gorgeous matured hardwood forest while the birds sing to you. Both of

these courses have been used in championship games. When you are making your choice of

one of the Williamsburg golf packages, the Golden Horseshoe should certainly be at the top of

your list.

Another fantastic deal you can get from booking one of the Williamsburg golf packages

is for Kingsmill Resort. These courses were designed by some of the golf greats that many

people who don’t even golf know of. Those names include Arnold Palmer and Tom Clark as well

as two-time U.S. Open champion, Curtis Strange. The Kingsmill Resort is located on the former

Kingsmill Plantation site. The plantation, however, has long been in ruins. The courses here are

known to have vast greens and are nestled in a small community that shares the same name.

Golf Digest has ranked this resort as one of the top seventy-five best golf resorts in North

America. There are two courses at this resort to choose from - the River Course, that overlooks

the James River, or the Plantation Course, with its enticing rolling fairways.

There are many more wonderful Williamsburg golf packages to choose from at Golf Zoo.

When you go the route of purchasing a travel package, you save money for other fun activities!

This is because your main expenses are lumped together to allow great savings. While you are

golfing, your family can explore nearby Colonial Williamsburg or some of the other wonderful

attractions in the surrounding area. Williamsburg offers travelers many exciting options. From

magnificent, world renowned golf courses, to being able to delve into our nation’s history;

Williamsburg delivers for you. So, start your travel plans by taking a look at some of our

fantastic Williamsburg golf packages that will save you some money, and then use your savings

to plan all of the other fun stuff. We’ll see you soon!

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