Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Improve Your Golf Game

Unfortunately, even the most frequent of golf trips don’t guarantee to produce a master golfer. Instead, a good method to improve one’s handicap is to follow great drives with pinpoint approach shots, which means setting yourself up for the cleanest and simplest putt on each hole.

If you seriously want to master scoring zones in golf, here are four golf tips proven to help you reach that goal:

1.       Take control of your drive distance and swing. Most weekend golfers tend to overdo things and hit with as much force as possible, instead of having accuracy and a consistent drive. Focus on making a smoother swing and deliver short approach shots. In addition, try choking down on the grip and play the ball in the middle to take 5-10 yards off your shot. Don’t worry about making a single perfect shot with an all out swing; instead take it easy and hit the green perfectly.

2.       Contrary to common sights in golf lessons, the best way to actually get the ball up with any iron is to swing down on it. That doesn’t mean the club is striking the ball on your upswing, it means the ball and club meet on the club’s initial descent down.

Longer irons tend to be less lofty so you need to make sure you give it a smooth swing down. Position your chest in such as way that it points toward the ground as long as possible each time you trust longer irons.

3.       Make good use of your hybrids. Hybrids in golf are designed to hit extra-long distances and can actually cover 180 yards to 210 yards. These hybrids are shorter than long irons and are much easier to hit and control, making these a popular choice among individuals on golf vacations. Be warned though that hybrids are to be used sparingly and are in fact, most often used only on spots that are less likely to miss.

4.       Practice putting. Set aside time to practice both short and mid-range putting. We all know that practice makes for a better player. They seem simple but it’s like a foul shot in basketball – make sure you can execute the smaller, simpler things well.

Take these tips to the links and notice your game improve one round after another! And by the time your next golf trip comes around, you'll be a whole new golfer.