Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Cons of a Solitary Golf Trip

There are several advantages to having a solitary golf trip. Among the most obvious is the serenity; an escape from society's noise especially, if you live in a very busy environment. Some people cherish being alone because of the liberty it brings. However, the downsides may not ring loud and clear until you get to experience the practical difficulties. Here are some of the reasons why going solo on golf vacation is not a ideal for some people:

Cannot save expenses
One of the most obvious disadvantages of spending time alone in a golf resort is the cost. Contrary to popular belief, expenditure is efficient if you have some people with you. You can often get a break on the per person price with a group of people. Think about how much you pay for one person to stay in a room on their own versus getting a room with a double bed... half the price you would have paid! This is even true when you're on the trip with things like a caddie tip, going out to dinner, and other activities outside of golfing.

What if I have no idea of what I'm doing?
If you want a positive experience from this kind of vacation and you haven't yet played golf before, it's best to have some companionship (not the type who would get a good laugh out of seeing you blunder about). There may be several reasons why you “suddenly” liked golf. Perhaps you're drawn to cool complicated math behind the handicap scoring. Maybe because this sport has 80% of its origin from Scotland, and you just love Scotland. In fact, maybe you thought Tiger Woods has a great smile and it was good enough to make his sport your new favorite pastime. But if it is your first time to ever play this sport, you'll likely need someone (or group of someones) to show you the ropes. 

Excitement is a rare commodity
If golf beginners have a hard time being alone, experts are also not without their cons. An out-of-town golf getaway is a good chance to practice one's skill. But you can rarely get excited for another day after your 47th consecutive day of range drill. A vacation that offers no excitement sounds “ironic” or downright “self defeating”. It is best to avoid experiencing that unbelievable “what exactly am I doing here” moment by the time your enthusiasm is completely exhausted.

Not everyone can handle the one-person golf trip, there are select individuals who can. So don't be discouraged no matter the size of your golf vacation group, take advantage of the benefits both can provide while you can.

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