Friday, January 09, 2015

Reducing Your Handicap Before Your Next Golf Trip

Some people merely consider their golf trip as a chance to unwind with like-minded companions. However, there are people who take these outdoor excursions as sacred opportunities to improve their game. Just like every sport, practice yields great improvement. Others are hoping to reduce the number of swings it takes them to finish a round. Overall improvement requires a systematic approach. Here are the important aspects you need to cultivate for you to improve your proficiency and reduce your handicap:

Range and Trajectory
Just like most ball games, golf is a game about judging distances. But compared to other sports, the magnitude that golf players have to consider is colossal. The flight of the ball on the very first tee is what sets the tone for everything that follows. If you aim to become a proficient player, you must be able to judge the range accurately in relation to the force of your swing. How you swing your club also has a direct effect to the curvature of the ball's flight. This is one aspect that requires arduous repetitive performance.

Physical Fitness
Fitness plays a crucial role in your success on the greens. Improving your health is the basis of a good training regimen. You must be able to withstand the walking distance it takes to go from the tee box, to the fairway, to the putting area and do that again for however many holes you are playing. In addition, your muscles must be able to sustain a multitude of long range swings. Then there's the unfortunate occurrence of  unpleasant climate or sudden changes in the weather. The best way to combat this is to have good health and on shape so you it has minimal effects on your game.

Equipment Upgrade
Honing your natural aptitude is one thing. But serious golf players often neglect the importance of the quality of their equipment. It is imperative to remember that when a player's skill develops, the trusty old golf club may no longer feel right in his or her hand. Being uncomfortable with your equipment can always be the surest way to lose. Buying a new golf club that feels appropriate to your touch can give you an edge.

Remembering these factors can certainly reduce the number of swings it would take to finish a game. However, you must increase your practice frequency and duration of you personal program for you to see the most obvious changes. With dedication to making these changes, your next golf trip may render you victorious.

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