Friday, January 02, 2015

Golf Vacation Tips: Weather Your Game

The effort required to beat ordinary players during your golf vacation outing is tremendous. In fact, the extent that passionate players go through almost puts ordinary superlative adjectives to shame. Pushing the limits in terms of training is often their definition of fun (as wacky as it may sound).

Thus, Tiger Woods has gone through extraordinary lengths any self-respecting golf addict would also put themselves through. But will you still practice your epic club-swinging even in the midst of terrible weather? If you're the kind of passionate athlete meticulous physicians would love to put on a leash, there's valid reason far more convincing than “for the love of the game” (Yes, Michael Jordan plays golf too).

Accuracy vs weather
On a fine day, achieving excellent trajectory in hurling a missile in midair is no big deal. But on a “not so fine” day, you'd be surprised how bad your aim is. As far as science is concerned, windy and rainy climate is not a good time to be practicing the accuracy of your shot. Golfers share the same frustration that archers and snipers feel when they shoot bullets through uncooperative weather. Heavy rain not only obstructs your sight with its innumerable droplets, these droplets also pelt your ball in its flight. With strong winds bending the ball mid-flight, consider how far it can blow it off course. Alas, despite this obstacle, there is no substandard performance that repetitive practice cannot remedy.

Be adaptable
Many don't realize it but unpredictable weather effects how the human body works internally. Heavy snowfall followed by a brief interval of searing sunlight can confuse the body. Fever and flu resulting from these sudden changes is your body's gentle way of reminding you to stay indoors at your golf vacation destination. But undeterred fanatics do not only physically adapt, they also learn clever ways of dressing up in preparation for sudden weather changes that can throw off their game. Check the forecast ahead of time and if your destination is known for sporadic changes in the weather, be prepared even for what isn't in the forecast.

Watch and feel your step
Familiarity with the weather can always help you navigate the terrain of the golf course. Simply put it, some people are not accustomed to playing after a heavy rain. Snow is also an excellent way to stumble on your pace in finding that elusive ball (probably damning it for its camouflage whiteness). If you are accustomed to playing in different seasons, you have an edge over players who simply rely on their club-swinging skills and cross their fingers for the clouds to cooperate.

In case you are not as skilled as other players, your adaptability to changing weather can become a “score multiplier” working on your behalf. And it's hard to complain about bad weather during your golf vacation if you are accustomed to the whims of the intemperate skies!

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