Friday, January 30, 2015

Golf Trip Forecast: Expectations During the Winter

Golf in the winter is a whole new ball game than any other time of the year. Here's what makes winter golf the kryptonite of every golfer:

Where did my ball go?!
This question is just as frustrating as whatever conceivable reason for deciding to play the game in this time of the year. If you hit the ball in the midst of the fine snowfall, you'd be surprised to know that it may probably be the first and last swing you'll make within the entire flaky day. Finding that precious round object is something close to impossible.

Hit the ball... But which one?
Some weather conditions in winter are so bad it is simply not advisable to be staying outside, let alone play golf. Though it can be an acme of clumsiness not to find the ball you yourself have laid on the tee, it is easy to miss that annoying projectile at first casual swing. Furthermore, its flight trajectory can be greatly impaired. Even if the wind velocity is not that substantial, winter breeze is chock full of “almost solid” spray. In case your ball's trajectory don't make sense, your decision to play can definitely relate.

At least you get a “cooler” outfit
Is there anything good about playing golf in winter? Fortunately, there is one redeeming quality on top of the heap-load of challenges this hostile season has to offer. Playing in winter makes you wear a very “cool” attire (pun intended). On top of the awesome ski jacket, your footwear has spikes... which can serve for more than one purpose! On such expected weather, this wicked footwear helps you with the crucial task of “walking”.

Nineteenth hole: the best - and only - place to be
Winter golf games are what separates boys from men, and men from....... supermen? In any case, it's definitely the worst season to play a normal game. Which is why the best place to be around the ski vacation destination is none other than the nineteenth hole (pub or restaurant) lounge guzzling a full glass of beer next to a nearby fireplace. Cheers to the normal people!

It is also fitting to remember that golf courses might be practically deserted during winter. At list scheduling this serene golf trip doesn't run the risk of hecklers.

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