Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Las Vegas Golf Packages

Las Vegas is far more than just brightly colored, over-the- top casinos and bars. It also

has culture, music, art and some of the most beautifully challenging golf links in the U.S. When

you purchase one of the many Las Vegas golf packages available you get to play these links

while being able to misbehave in one of the most notorious cities in the world. And, just in case,

there are plenty of later tee times for those mornings you just can’t seem to get out of bed after

a late night on the town.

Las Vegas is Spanish for “the meadows”. The name was first used in 1829 by a scout

from a trading party named Raphael Rivera. His party was on its way to Los Angeles and they

stopped while on their way from New Mexico via the Old Spanish Trail. The area used to be

covered in wells that were fed from the Las Vegas Wash that runs to the Colorado River so it

was truly an oasis in the middle of extremely harsh desert. In 1844 President Tyler asked John

C Fremont to lead a group of scouts, spies, and scientists to the Las Vegas area to prepare for

war with Mexico. They set up a fort and the war with Mexico certainly did happen and the

territory officially became part of the U.S. There was even a time the Mormons tried to settle in

the Las Vegas area for the first time, but the stresses of being so new in that area were too

much for them so they went back to Utah. The area remained mainly unoccupied for the next

few years except for a few travelers and traders staying in the clandestine fort. After all that

happened the property got passed around from owner to owner eventually landing into the

scope of Montana Senator William Clark and his railroad endeavors. The area was promoted to

farmers and those farmers then named the county after Senator Clark. Las Vegas as we know it

didn’t start to boom until the thirties when the Hoover Dam was commissioned and the

population soared from about five thousand to twenty five thousand and in 1931 gambling

become legal, though Vegas already had a decently well-known gambling industry. Growth

continued in the area regardless of the many tough times. Las Vegas’ tumultuous history has

given us the modern city we know today.

The Las Vegas area is now home to over fifty golf courses. When purchasing one of

many Las Vegas golf packages available you will have to narrow down where you would really

like to play because if you tried to play all of the courses available you would be there for over

two months. There are many courses available that have been designed by the game’s

celebrities that you just won’t want to miss. From the drastic elevation changes on the South

Shore Golf Club links to the revolutionary links at the Revere at Anthem, Las Vegas provides

courses for every level of golfer. There are courses to satisfy even the most seasoned golfer.

Many courses are tucked perfectly within the desert’s rugged landscape to provide the most

stunning and contrasting views for you. When booking one of the Las Vegas golf packages

make sure you look into what’s known as the “world’s most complete golf experience” at Angel

Park. This course is situated to give you gorgeous views of the Red Rock Canyon and the rest

of the Las Vegas Valley. If you want views of the city as well you could book one of the available

Las Vegas golf packages for TPC Las Vegas. This course offers you a backdrop of the skyline

of the city while simultaneously offering views of the Red Rock Canyon.

Whichever of the Las Vegas golf packages you choose, you will not be disappointed!

Contact our Las Vegas golf expert to make sure you get the perfect vacation tailored just for you

and truly make the most out of your golfing experience.

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