Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Old South Golf Links

Picture this; a beautiful, crisp, South Carolina Sunday morning. The breeze gently

caressing the trees making it seem as though the leaves are singing the song of the Old South.

The smell of freshly cut grass wafts through the air. The sun has just fully crested the horizon

and the sky is turning a brilliant shade of light blue, with just the right amount of fluffy clouds

adorning it. And where are you? Getting ready to tee off on one of the most beautiful golf

courses in the state; the Old South Golf Links. Does this seem like the kind of Sunday morning

you would enjoy?

At Old South Golf Links you can fully enjoy your relaxing golf outing. They offer

everything you would need to get the most out of your experience. From novice to professional,

local to tourist, they have you covered. Old South Golf Links will provide you with the ultimate

golf excursion. If you forget your clubs, not a big deal, you can rent some of theirs. They will

even provide you with a sleeve of balls. Have no clue how to golf? Old South Golf Links has

amazing PGA certified trainers to make sure you walk away with confidence and a new

appreciation for golf. They have different golf packages to choose from ranging from single rates

to a lesson, lunch, and play package so you have options to choose how you would like your

golf outing tailored to you.

Not only does Old South Golf Links provide you with some great amenities to give you

but the location in which they are located is stunning. Old South Golf Links is located in the

low country and they certainly embraced that in the beautiful course design. They are nestled

among intercoastal marshes with dazzling views from the island greens. High above your head

you’ll see grand, towering, old oak trees and other natural flora. There is no lack of fauna either

because the marshes are teeming with a wide array of animals. You could see the endangered

wood stork. You could also see any one of the numerous species of impressive hawks that are

native to South Carolina. However, birds are not the only wildlife you may see because the

marshes are teeming with mammals, crustaceans, reptiles and amphibians, including alligators.

It is truly a sight to be seen. And a golf course to be played.

Let’s not forget about refueling after playing eighteen holes. The restaurant is situated to

overlook the eighteenth hole so it would be a short stroll after finishing up. You could enjoy a

delicious breakfast omelet, burrito, or scramble before hitting the greens since they serve that

until 11:30AM. Then after your game come back to enjoy a beer and the scrumptious Old South

Burger which is known as the best burger in town.

Old South Golf Links will give you just what you need to relax and release the stresses

from the everyday grind. There is a reason why they have won numerous awards since their

conception. It’s time you come experience those reasons. It’s time to book your trip to the Old

book your trip to the Old South Golf Links!

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