Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Play Your Dream Course with Masters Packages

Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of the greats. For many people that means

playing the same golf courses that the professionals have played. Golf is one of the few sports

that gives people the opportunities to walk and play on the same ground as their heroes. Very

few professional sports offer that one of a kind experience. But how are you going to obtain your

personal Masters experience? By purchasing one of the Master’s packages available from of course! Save some money and still play a legendary course that was previously

played by legendary players. Now, that’s a win/ win situation!

Many golf courses are beautiful. Many golf courses embrace the natural ebbs and flows

of the landscape they are carved into. They use decorative flora to give you picturesque and

serene scenery as you play your round. But, there are certain courses that stick with the players

because they are the perfect combination of challenge and relaxation. The Masters packages

offer you the unique opportunity to play a course that is perfectly groomed while maintaining the

natural beauty of the world around it. Each hole has stunning mature trees that tower over you

and give you a break from the hot sun. Every hole is also complimented with different and

beautiful flowering trees and bushes, which is how they got their names.

The course was designed by Bobby Jones, one of the founders of the Masters event,

and Allister Mackenzie, who has golf course designs on four continents. The curious thing about

Bobby Jones is that he was never an actual professional golfer. He mainly played golf part time

and made his living as a lawyer. Jones retired from golf at the age of twenty-eight and helped

design the Masters course just a few years after that. He did come out of retirement to play for

exhibition during the Masters from 1934 to 1948, which was the year he had to stop playing golf

for health reasons. Allister Mackenzie also had a very interesting background. He was originally

trained as a surgeon and likened golf course design to designing military camouflage.

Mackenzie was known to challenge the conservative aspect of golf by adopting and

implementing more modern techniques to his course design while remaining sensitive to the

natural undulations of the land. In his book he says "the chief object of every golf course

architect worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature [and presumably also the hazards] so

closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself.” These two men, working

harmoniously, created one of the most phenomenal courses in the world. Your time to play this

course is now and you can do it with the Masters packages.

It’s time you walked the same greens as the greats. It’s time you teed off from the same

place as some of the most memorable players in golf history. It’s time that you take your dream

game to the next level by playing one of the best courses ever designed. And you can do it with

Masters packages.

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