Monday, August 03, 2015

Have a Caddie on your Golf Trip

Caddies play very important roles in every golf trip. These people works with every golfer not only on practice swings and elimination rounds but even on actual golf championships. Steve Williams who is ranked the world’s No. 1 caddie, for instance, have been hopping from leading golf courses to another, working closely with top notch golfers around the world like Adam Scott, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods.

But what really is a caddie? Caddies are not hired to simply carry golf bags and other equipment. Instead, they are there to encourage, admonish, and counsel players. They serve as coaches both on practice and on actual games, and are basically expected to understand every player’s strengths and weaknesses as well as stress cycles. They are also there to guide players through emotional moments prior, during, and after every round.

The essence of a caddie far exceeds that of being a bag carrier or emotional absorber. He is also there to provide insights, share ideas, help develop a strategy, and follow through a direction to get better golf results. In a way, caddies serve as game partners.

Perhaps the best thing about having a caddie is that they have a technical know-how about the sport. They are expected to be familiar with the golf vacation destination, including distances, obstacles, hills, and valleys that are considered risk factors when playing golf. With this in mind, caddies are able to advise how to go through each course despite potential hazards.

Unfortunately, there are some caddies who don’t live up to their roles. Case in point several caddies who come to golf resorts unprepared and not knowing what exactly is on the golf course and how to strategically play the game. These types of caddies do not understand the challenges of the sport and have limited idea as to what to expect throughout the game, hence they are less likely to be able to coach players well.

For this reason, it is necessary that every golfer carefully choose his/her caddie. Ideally, it’s best to hire one who shares the player’s competitive spirit. They should be highly motivated, aggressive, and protective of the team. In addition, they must be hardworking and should be able to inspire players throughout the game.

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