Friday, August 07, 2015

Golf Tips: How to Make More Birdies

Golf birdies don’t always happen by pure chance; these come as a result of excellent golf conditions and great golfing skills. Professional golfers share the following tips on how to make more birdies:

Be familiar with your yards. While on a golf trip, carefully observe professional golfers on tour and observe how they manage to almost accurately estimate how far every club in their golf bag goes. While it is essentially impossible for a beginner or an average golfer to be precise, most golfers tend to have a close idea of how far they hit each club.

The next time you go on a golf vacation, spend at least an hour on each range. Hit 5-10 shots with each club and figure out the average distance each club in your bag flies. This will give you an idea how to hit more greens and make more birdies.

 Devise a game plan and stick with it. Make a detailed, strategic game plan for every shot you want to hit at the golf course. Know exactly where you want to land your golf ball and swing your way to it.

Some golfers do not always have pin sheets for each round of the game but, whether you’re up for a competition or simply going on a golf vacation, at least plan your rounds a few days ahead.  Focus on a target each time you play and be determined to follow your game plan.

If you are a beginner, start at the green. Identify your target and know where you should be hitting from as you approach the greens. Then imagine where you’ll be hitting next to get to your ideal approach shot.

Establish control. If you’ve been watching golf tournaments, you might have noticed that some golfers tend to choke up on the club and make shorter, more controlled swing. In case you don’t know it yet, shorter, more controlled swings result to more precision and less error.

Like any other skills, control on golf clubs does not happen overnight. You might have to make several trips to your favorite golf vacation destinations so you can practice your swing as well as your game plans.

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