Monday, August 17, 2015

Eating Healthy on your Golf Trip

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean that your diet should be, too. As what you eat determines your performance, you’ll need to have a solid diet plan when you’re going on a golf trip.

More than just about improving your health in general, proper nutrition can help boost your golf performance. It’s a no-brainer. Eating healthy means your mind stays sharp enough to make tough decisions, and you have sufficient energy to play all 18 holes.

So before you grab that bag of chips for a quick energy boost, read on to know what you should be munching on your golf vacation:

Eat or drink
  • Water – Chugging down at least 8 glasses of water daily can help you keep hydrated, especially when you’re teeing off under the heat of the sun. Loss of water can lead to dehydration, which can affect your performance and physiology.

  • Small frequent meals – Spreading out your meals throughout the day allows you to replenish your energy levels without bogging you down post meal. Experts recommend 5-6 small meals instead of the usual 3 big meals.

  • The power combo – Your meals must consist of the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order for you to have enough energy to finish all 18 holes. This trio also ensures that you are getting the right nutrients into your body.

  • A healthy snack. Forget chips. Go for snacks that are jam packed with fiber and other nutrients for a healthy digestion and lots of energy to finish the course. Go for fruits or a bag of nuts for a quick mood and energy booster, and you’re all set for a good match.

  • Alcohol and caffeine. Take it easy on the alcohol and caffeine. Both are diuretics and can cause dehydration. In addition, they can also affect your performance. Caffeine can over stimulate your mind and muscles, thus making your performance less controlled, while alcohol is on the other side of the spectrum. Too much of it, and you’ll suffer loss of coordination.

  • Food rich in sugar. Sugar-based food will only give you a quick jolt of energy, but once blood sugar rapidly plummets after a temporary high, you’ll be on an express train to exhaustion.

  • Binging 2 hours before tee time. When you have food in your digestive tract, blood gets diverted away from your brain and muscle, which explains why you feel lethargic after a heavy meal. This is another reason why you need to spread out your meals to 5 small ones instead of 3 big ones. But with that said, you must also avoid;

  • Skipping meals. Playing on an empty stomach is just as bad as teeing off on a full one. You’ll need a steady release of energy to get you through the long play. Going for small meals fuels you throughout the day without slowing down your metabolism (and yourself) and prevents sugar highs and lows.
It is important to note that your brain consumes 20% of the calories your take in. And if you’re fuelling your brain (and body) with the right type of food, you’ll be able to think on your toes all throughout the 18 holes.

Stay healthy. Have a great golf trip!

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