Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Golf Trip Forecast: Expectations During Spring

You may think that seasons can only have a minor effect on your scheduled golf trip. However, some factors can surely make you think differently. Being prepared for spring season (for better or worst) will surely prevent you from saying, “I've never been so wrong in my life”.

It can get a little wet out there
Early spring time can still have a bit of winter aftertaste. The typical saying about "spring showers..." is something we can all be a little too familiar with. The air is damp and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a light sun-shower and the start of a torrential downpour. At times it might be a wiser decision to bring that umbrella with you to stay on the safe side rather than tough it out.

Morning golf... "dew" it?
As if the rain itself wasn't enough, adding in the morning dew isn't the most ideal of situations. For a few weeks, rain or shine, the grass will have a slick covering in the early hours of play. Taking that into consideration before getting to the course can ease your mind once you get to the greens. Most golfers are aware of these conditions and can adjust their play rather seamlessly. 

Better to be safe than sorry
Be smart and check the forecast before heading out. Sure a small amount of rain may not effect some courses to make them unplayable and just require a small delay in start time. But if a thunderstorm is expected to be coming in right at tee-off, can't blame anyone for that and only thing you can do is be aware of how the course handles those situations.

Spring season can be quite an extraordinary experience on a day to day basis due to the weather, nevermind where you are playing. It's not ideal for everyone's golf trip but don't rule it out for your next golf trip.

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