Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Pros of Educating Kids about Golf Vacation

Consider the scenario of telling your kids your next vacation isn't just any other trip, but a golf vacation!... The enthusiasm might not be mutual. But there are also families that share their passion for the sport and even make these outings an annual event. If you are a part of one of those families, you can probably see how these experiences correlate to more than just golf and more than just a vacation. For those of you who are still a little skeptical of the notion, here are the obvious reasons why it's worth it:

Strong bonding
The best thing about sharing this personal interest with children is that it has the strong potential to strengthen parent-child rapport. To some kids, it might be the place mom or dad used to go enjoy time with their friends for a few days. But to a golf-loving child, it could be the one place where you and your child are most comfortable together.

Sportsmanship is a good virtue to impart at the very young age. By the time they reach teenage years, they won’t be too culture-shocked with old school concepts like “honor” and “respect” (the latter proves to become more ironic these days). Kids may not often take losing too kindly but the wisdom to gain that virtue often comes with age.

Educating precision
It may be a little too early for children to comprehend the idea of precision. However, allowing them to get used to the ways of this precision sport is a better idea when done a little too early. Adults may be excellent imitators, but science and common knowledge have proven that they fall a little too short on reflexes and muscle memory. Adults are more into the “why we do it” basis than how it is really being done. This is the very reason why martial arts experts encourage learning new things as early as possible. If the child gets used to swinging the golf club even without fully knowing the principles, he or she might have a shorter learning curve later on.

A family golf trip is guaranteed to be enjoyable for all parties involved!

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