Monday, March 16, 2015

Golf Vacation Fitness: Why Do Calisthenics

Most people normally define a golf vacation as a byproduct of combining relaxation and contest. For patrons with a very competitive mind set, the possibility of getting floored by an opponent is enough to make the term “relaxation” disappear in their personal dictionary. In order to ease that intense mindset, it is important to subject oneself to intense training. It is truly challenging to find an intense physical program that does not throw off golfing proficiency when pushed to a whole new level. But there's a very good reason why one must choose calisthenics.

Nothing beats the most basic program
What would you say is the most basic exercise routine? If your guess is either push-ups or sit-ups, congratulations! Other traditional exercises in this category include jumping jacks, planks, dips, lunges, squats and pull ups. There's a reason every military organization on the planet prescribes calisthenics as a generic format for physical training. It's the most direct and least complicated conditioning procedure.

No equipment: the best deal ever
Another reason for choosing calisthenics as an important physical fitness routine for golf players is that this kind of exercise does not require using highly-technical equipment. Any tool you need can be found in various environments such as high beams (e.g. door frames) for pull ups and low platforms (e.g. benches or a chair) for tricep dips. Who doesn't love saving some money on a gym membership and put it towards their next golf vacation package!

Transforming your body into a precision tool
Golf is defined as a precision sport. Calisthenic exercises answer the question, “How fast can you turn an awkward and clumsy human into a precise golf-swinging machine?” The most basic workouts listed above, if done repeatedly at a steady increased pace, can actually turn anyone into “a flexible version of the Terminator”. Not only does calisthenics help you perform movements straight out of the Sports Science, it also helps increase metabolic rate and immune system.

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