Monday, February 23, 2015

Golf Trip: Suggestions for getting lessons before a trip

Many golfers try to learn the golf game on their own or through a friend, which can be helpful but may not be the best solution for everyone. Another option to consider for improving your game before your golf trip is taking some lessons. Never any harm in asking for help and your friends will be dazzled by your new skill level. 

For those of you who consider getting lessons, there are a few suggestions to consider:

  1. Hire a credible instructor
You can ask the golf instructor for references from past students, or golfers he or she has taught.  The best information about the golf instructor's teaching methods comes from past students or other golfers that have taken lessons from the instructor. And don't be afraid to ask if they themselves had ever attempted a shot at the pro-level, you may be happily surprised by their response. 

  1. Know what skill level the instructor teaches
Make sure that the golf instructor has taught someone of your skill level. If you're a beginner, find a golf instructor who has taught beginners like yourself and not built their resume with many who came in at a high skill level.

  1. Stay within your price range
Decide on what you can afford before taking a lesson. Consider as many instructors as you can, because later on, you can trim down your list by checking how much each instructor charge. You'll know that every golf instructor makes up their own pricing. While one golf instructor may charge you $200 an hour, other instructor with the same experience may only charge you $60 an hour.

  1. Find an instructor you feel comfortable learning golf from
Sure you're not trying to find a best friend but nobody likes to listen to someone they can't stand. Hence, it's important that you look for a golf instructor whose personality matches yours because you need to feel comfortable taking instructions from who you choose. This way, the golf lessons will become more productive and interactive.

For example, if you think you need to be pushed to the limits to get better, then choose a golf instructor who'll do just that to you. Others prefer someone who is calm and laid back as they advise. Having a basic idea of the type of person you are out on the greens, and the kind of individual that works best to teach you, can be valuable.

  1. Know your commitment
Are you willing to devote a set amount of time each week for a lesson and time to practice what you've learned? With no commitment it will be hard to get the ideal results you may have in mind.

Golf lessons are by no means a requirement before your vacation, but most would say the overall improvement on their game is worth it, making the vacation time on and off the course more enjoyable. 

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