Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Unwritten rules of golf you must follow

Have you altered some rules in playing golf from your last golf trip?

Sure, we've all done it. And to tell the truth, sometimes breaking the rules can make the game relaxed, non-competitive and friendly.

But regardless of how informal your round might be, there are unwritten rules you should abide by. Here are some:

Silence Please
Foremost, golf is a game of concentration. So, you should never distract golfers doing their tee-off, putt or hit. Otherwise, they'll hit bad shots and you will get the blame for it. Thus, keep away those ringing devices that can distract the players. And do your best to exclude talking during the critical times.

Yelling 'fore'
'Fore' is an important and the most popular unwritten rule in playing golf. It's the universal way of letting other golfers know that there's a golf ball headed in their direction. If you don't yell “fore”, you'll possibly hit other golfers and it will get you in trouble.

Get off the line
The line means the path between player and the hole. It's always a good manner to not block or step in line. In fact, a single shoe imprint in the line could alter the direction of the rolling ball causing it to miss the hole.

Respect the game
Don't yell, laugh, or throw your club when you or other golfers miss a shot. Be graceful if you won and respect others if they have lost. And after the round, it's also a matter of respect to remove your hat when shaking hands with your opponents.

Fix your divot
Often times, teeing off and making a fairway shot will result to a large divot. Be courteous enough to replace the divot you made with a new filling mixture located nearby. Replacing it keeps the course playable for future golfers.

Don't forget your tee
After you've made your fairway shot, don't leave your tee behind for the groundskeepers to take care of. Pick up your tee and if it's damaged, throw it in the garbage.

Watch your shadow
Make sure your shadow is not on other golfers' line while they're putting. Politely move back until your shadow doesn't cast the line anymore.

Mind your cart
Park your cart where it doesn't block the hole or the line of another player. Also, follow the 'cart park only' rules provided by your golf course.

Tip well
In your golf vacations, the caddies, bag boys, etc. are not there for fun. It's their job. If they've been serving you well, it's your discretion to tip them professionally.

If you won, buy drinks
Instead of bragging after you've won a lot of money, buy other golfers a drink.

By following these simple unwritten golf rules, you’ll be sure to have a better and a rewarding game on your golf trip.

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