Monday, September 29, 2014

Golf tournament will complete your vacation!

If you're in your golf vacation, and luckily you've had a chance to experience a golf tournament, let us double up the excitement of this already-amazing opportunity.
Here are some tips:

Choose and Plan. Planning is still king in whatever venture. For golf tournaments, ask yourself: Do you want to hike and watch your favorite player or do you want to camp at one hole so you can watch everyone play the same holes and compare their games? Or do you want to really see the whole course?

If you want to follow your favorite player, keep an eye out for the pairings guide as you enter the grounds for the easy access of the players you’d like to see throughout the day.

If you want a taste of everything, consider spending your time at a location where you can watch most amount of golf. The best spots for you, according to an avid golf spectator, is behind the 4th hole so you can see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th hole, or between the 15th and 16th hole.

Regardless of the path you choose, set your plan before you arrive.

What to bring (and not). Of course, you can bring sunglasses, binoculars, and plenty of drinking water. In most cases, tournament security will block spectators carrying backpacks, cameras, over-sized chairs, laptops, bicycles, radios, weapons, signs and banners, cellphones (and any other devices that could make noise—these devices might distract the players and other spectators). Or you better check first the list of the allowed things to carry inside the tournament course.

Weather. We are not ruining the train of excitement, but yes, bad weather can happen anytime. Just in case an inclement weather is announced, stay away from these zones: open areas, hilltops/high places, isolated tress, golf carts, and wire fences.

Etiquette. Yes, you do have to observe appropriate behavior while inside the course. To simplify, just follow what you're told by the volunteers at the course area. Most importantly, be courteous to the players, and don't distract them while they play since they have to concentrate. A small distraction may cost a player a million dollars. Remember that most of the players make a living of these golf tournaments.

And be reminded of the "Hands in the air" gesture by the volunteer, which means stop and be quiet while golfers are playing their shots.

The best holes. According to many, holes from 15 to 18 are the best parts of the game. These holes are the final stretch. You will surely get tips on how to play difficult shots for your game and try to emulate on your golf trip.

Above all, have fun. There's nothing like a professional golf tournament. It will surely complete your entire golf vacation.

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