Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preventing Common Golf Injuries

Going to a golf trip and playing golf are not like going to a court and playing basketball. Although, golfing is considered as less stressful sport and has many health benefits especially to seniors, nevertheless, running and constant repetitive swinging motions can cause pain in specific body parts.

To avoid, know these:

Preventing Overuse Injuries
Overuse injuries are the most common spinal injuries when playing golf. These injuries are due to frequent movement and repetitive golf swings that cause muscles and ligaments strain. One common overuse injury is the neck pain which is a result from powerful swing and overstretching.
To prevent, consider to:
  • Warm up before playing golf;
  • Stretch your back and neck by placing the golf club behind the neck; and,
  • Incorporate some relaxed golf swings to the warm up.

When suffering from overuse injuries, rest is the best remedy. Failing to rest the body can increase the pain and injury. For back pain, put ice on the sore muscles and have some rest until the pain is gone. If pain still persists, consider to have a massage or visit your clinic.

The Power of Proper Swing
A proper golf swing should be smooth and not jerky. The power of a golf swing should come from the transfer of force from all the muscle groups and not just one. If it is done improperly, it could result to forearm pain, chronic golf elbow and muscle sore.
To prevent this:
  • Be conscious of your posture before and after swing;
  • Avoid hunching over the ball;
  • Spread your legs as wide as your shoulders; and,
  • Make sure your weight is balanced on both feet.

If you are a starter, it's beneficial to consult a golf professional to learn the proper golf swing.

Watch Out for Excessive Sun Exposure
Especially in this summer season, it is recommended to stay re-hydrated and to wear some breathable suits while playing golf.
Moreover, carefully check out for signs of dehydration, heat stroke and over exhaustion. If you are experiencing rapid heartbeat, dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea, go back to your golf vacations resort and take some rest and consult a specialist.
To prevent these, make sure to:
  • Wear sunblock (SPF 30 or above is recommended);
  • Bring and drink water and/ or other liquids;
  • Use umbrella and wear hat; and,
  • Wear lightweight and breathable clothes (polyester, nylon or cotton).

Overall, strengthen your lower body and keep it flexible to prevent golf injuries. When playing under the sun, keep your body re-hydrated. Prevention is always a must to have a memorable and painless golf trip.

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