Thursday, December 27, 2018

Golf Zoo Lodging Options

Which Lodging Options Are Right for Your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation?

Myrtle Beach is renowned for the number of courses that call the area home, but that pales in comparison to the volume of accommodations options golfers have to choose from.

Before deciding where you want to stay, you have to decide what kind of room you want to stay in. Below are the three most popular options and why your group may, or may not, want to go that route.

-- More golfers fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of the Atlantic Ocean’s pounding surf than anything else, and the reasons are many. Standard hotel rooms have gone the way of persimmon drivers, and in their place have come multi-bedroom condos overlooking the beach. The view is beautiful, full kitchens allow groups to eat in and hang out, and on-site restaurants abound. No matter the size of your group, oceanfront accommodations are appealing. The only potential drawback is that large groups could be dispersed over multiple floors and you don’t enjoy quite as much privacy, but those are hardly deal-breakers. As a matter of fact, if your group goes its separate ways at night, this is probably your best option.
-- Golf course accommodations are, obviously, an appealing option, allowing players to stay and play onsite. Staying in an on-course condo will reduce drive time and might even allow you to sneak on the course at dusk to settle a few side bets. If your group likes to hang out, this provides the opportunity to do so while enjoying time outside (who doesn’t love a good corn hole tournament?). A golf group never goes wrong staying at the course. The only drawback is you miss that stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

-- The least utilized option is the beach house, but if you are traveling with a close-knit group, this might be the way to go. Inventory is limited and it can be more expensive, but your group can stay together, eat together and you have a place to hang out in the evenings with the benefit of some privacy. A nice home is perfect for large groups.

When planning your trip, remember: where you stay matters, so give it some thought and make the best decision for your group.

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