Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Golf Vacations as Romantic Getaways

A romantic escapade is a wonderful opportunity for couples who wish to spend time for each other. Although there had been countless vacation spots designed for honeymooners or married couples, many golf vacation resorts have opened their gates as romantic getaways for couples. Some of the world's luxurious golf resorts dedicated perfect amenities and services for newlyweds and this is one reason why many couples choose to relax, recreate, ad have romantic dates on golf resorts.

Most golf resorts are known to maintain a serene and picturesque surrounding. Moreover, since golf resorts have several wide and open areas, these places became ideal wedding venues. Weddings proved to increase tourist exposure to the resort aside from raising revenues. In addition, newlyweds can spend their honeymoon on the resort. Because of this type of niche marketing, many golf resorts created various golf vacation packages mainly aimed for couples. Vacation packages ranged from wedding packages, couples golf packages, even Valentine's Day packages.

Golf resorts are usually the primary choice of couples who like to plan golf trips and spend quality time for each other. As a result, several golf resorts innovated their amenities and created attractive love nests for couples so that they do not only come to the resort to play golf but they can extend their stay by enjoying other romantic activities. Golf resorts targeted couples by pampering them with wines and chocolates upon arriving at the accommodation area. They also offer VIP discounts for dinner dates on the resort's classy restaurants or pubs. Aside from the usual golf game packages, many golf resorts offered spa treatments for couples only. Other resorts offered tours and sightseeing activities which are also exclusive for couples.

Several resorts also upgraded their hotel amenities and designed rooms which are dedicated for couples or honeymooners. Some added private balconies on each rooms so that couples can enjoy a tranquil view of the lush countryside or a panoramic view of the sunset over a quiet lake. Large golf estates even built small cabins or lodges for more private and cozy accommodations. Golf resorts which are located near stunning beaches also proved to be favorite choices of newlyweds. These areas were not only ideal wedding venues but also perfect honeymoon locations.

Since most golf vacation destinations are geared toward attracting couples to spend romantic getaways on these locations, many golf resorts created other non-golf activities which are exclusive for couples. Most of these encouraged couples to do the activity together rather than seeing a scenario where the spouse plays golf separately while the wife stays inside the hotel room. Examples of fantastic activities for couples are horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, swimming, and shopping in local malls. Golf vacations are indeed great picks for any type of couples.

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