Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Responsibilities and Order Play

As players, golfers are not freed from the constant responsibility and order of play. In fact, those details are the main driving standards at winning or loosing, aside from confidence and natural talent of a player. Below are the details to lay them all down.

A Player's Responsibilities
  • A player is responsible for determining his or her handicap and the specific holes where such handicap strokes are to be employed.
  • A player is given the responsibility to declare the handicap that he or she is entitled to. He or she can be subject to disqualification once he or she declares a lower or a higher handicap where he or she belongs.
  • In a stroke play, golfers may be disqualified if they record a higher or a lower handicap which they are not entitled to.
  • Players are responsible for any violation their caddie might do, and they are to receive the applicable penalty for it.
  • A player must play prompt and should not practice a stroke during a round.
A player's Order of Play
  • The first to begin the hole is the player who was determined by draw at the first teeing ground.
  • As a golf etiquette, Honor is made to allow players, with the lowest score, to tee off first at the next hole. In terms of tie, who ever held the honor on the previous hole makes a go first.
  • Honors also identify the first to shot in between the tee and the hole.
  • Anyone who is farthest from the hole is to play first.
Those are just some of the responsibilities and etiquette in a golf game. There are more things to consider as a player becomes an expert on the game. Of course, with being an expert on the skills comes being a specialist on the good habits. Take note of that!

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