Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Right Attitude to Become a Good Putter

In every sport, confidence is the main driving power to continue to succeed. Such is highly important in golf, especially in learning how to become a master putter. Having such will-power will allow anyone to get that ball in the hole even from a three feet distance. Once players are able to capture that confidence, it is time for them to think about getting into other attitudes in order to be come a tough putter.

Don't dwell on mistakes.

There are unforgivable moments in a game. Missing a short putt on the last hole, for example, can become utterly unforgettable. Players can dwell on this unfortunate incident, or they can move on and recover just like a professional. Being haunted with such mistake for life is impractical. What a player can do is take note of the things that he or she should have done, and use it on the next attempt.

Praise yourself often.

It's not even about becoming narcissistic. Praising can do a lot of motivation to players. This means putting away with all the negative memory of missed putts, and dwelling on those that worked. Praising oneself is a confidence booster – something that all players from different fields use, and something that coaches are experts on.

Get Real!

Sometimes, players would assess a play as impossible. This is not the same as getting real. To get real means to shoo negative attitudes and just go beyond the present caliber. The human body is made to improve and go beyond borders, anyway. .

Capture the Jack Nicklaus.

Jack Nicklaus did not become a legendary golfer and architect for nothing. He also encountered missing  putts. However, Nicklaus chooses to recall the putts that he misses and uses it to do well with the present one to overcome.

Nicklaus also separates himself from the rest of the competitors. He tries hard not to compare his skills to other people's abilities. What he does is make an effort to outmatch his own records.

Change your thinking.

To become a great putter really means changing mindsets. This means that players should think more about the power of self-perception and visualize about getting better at a putt. “All the mind works best”, here. And it is supported by an unrelenting drive to improve.

No one was born to be an expert, but many were made to be one. With a positive self-perception and great effort, every amateur player would become an expert putter in no time.

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