Friday, September 16, 2011

Texas' Best Kept Golf Secret: Barton Creek

Barton Creek, by location and per capita income, has been ranked the “wealthiest location in Texas”. Surprising as it may sound since Barton Creek could so easily be passed up next to Texas' biggies like Dallas and San Antonio, this tiny portion of Travis County in The Lone Star State holds some very stunning views, interesting terrain, and a weather that is ideal for golfing. And, not surprisingly, it made use of its golf-perfect features as it holds some of Texas' and the country's best golf vacation destinations.

The fabulous Barton Creek Resort and Spa owns a collection of four awesome golf courses, two of which hold the top 2 ranks in the best golf courses in the state: The Fazio Foothills, the Fazio Canyons, the Crenshaw Cliffside, and the Palmer Lakeside.

The Fazio Foothills
The Fazio Foothills Golf Course is the “carrier” course and prized jewel of the Barton Creek Resort and Spa. It is also their pride and joy, holder of the No. 1 Golf Club in Texas title. Not surprising, the famous Tom Fazio created the layout of this dramatically scenic and extremely challenging golf course. The fairways are lined with cliffs with views of limestone caves and waterfalls. The greens are an impeccably-manicured Tiff Eagle Bermuda greens.

The Fazio Canyons
Some miles from the Barton Creek Resort and Spa stands another Tom Fazio classic and award winning design, the 18-hole par-72 Fazio Canyons. It stretches to a whooping 7,513 yards surrounded by magnificent red oaks and sycamores that make the course even more scenic than it already is. It is the perfect complement to the beautiful limestone bed creek, Short Springs Branch. Every inch of this huge golf course is undoubtedly beautiful and offers as much fun to golfers; it is so excellent it is ranked No. 2 Golf Course in Texas.

Crenshaw Cliffside
The Crenshaw Cliffside Golf Course is the collaborative effort of Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore. It is characterized by the rolling hills and the unparalleled views of Texas Hill Country. Golfers would agree on one thing: this course has got the ATTITUDE, provided by the natural terrain created by natural plateaus, gentle contours, and native flora abundant in the area.

Palmer Lakeside
An Arnold Palmer creation is always a stunner, and this one is not an exception. Located in a secluded hilltop, it has an overlooking view of the Lake Travis. And as much as it is beautiful, it has all the layout excellence that is characteristic of every single golf course designed by the Arnold Palmer.

These four courses are nothing but testaments to the true wealth of Barton Creek, Texas. They are the place's best kept secrets, the beauty of which can only be truly discovered after taking a golf vacation here.

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