Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book a Golf Package with a Specialist

I know there are a lot of individuals out there, that didn't do an annual golf trip last winter. The economy has affected everyone in some shape or form. Even Greg Norman mentioned at the Open Championship, having to lay off employees for the first time in his business career. There are and will be a lot of great packages out there for all the areas we cover. This is where the Golf Vacation Specialist comes in. We live and play in the areas we are responsible for. We understand the need for golfers to get the biggest bang for their buck - most golfers want everything, but don't want to pay for it.

There are a lot of things that golfers can do to get a great golf package. The first and most important thing you can do, is talk to your Golf Vacation Specialist. We can offer a lot of insight and less expensive alternatives, that most golfers may not be aware of. Golfers need to have some kind of budget in mind for their trip. These budgets need to be realistic; based on your choices of location, lodging and golf courses. If you have a lower budget in mind, please understand that you cannot play all high end courses and stay within your budget. There are certain times of year and certain areas that this is possible. Most all golf course rates are based on seasons. Winter packages in Florida for example, will be higher priced than Myrtle Beach - mainly due to weather conditions.

The individual person putting the golf package together, needs to be right up front and honest on the budget for the group. If you discuss this with your individual Specialist, he or she can get you everything you need within your budget. Keep in mind; that you may have to scale down lodging expectations and golf courses, to stay within your budget - especially during peak seasons in each specific area. Each Golf Vacation Specialist can do this very quickly and get you that "Biggest Bang for your Buck". You can go online and do numerous quotes on areas that you may not be that familiar with. This can be very time consuming and not get you what you may need or want. Do that initial quote, which will have the name of your representative on it. Next step would be to contact that particular representative via phone or email. Once the specialist has an idea of what type of package your looking to put together - Dates, # of players, # of rounds and most important - BUDGET PER PLAYER. It becomes a very simple process to get from point A to point B.

There are also a lot of individuals out there that like to book everything on their own for the group. This is OK, but having someone in the area you're looking to do a package in - can make the process much easier and less phone calls for the group leader - calling hotels, golf, etc... Yes, an individual can put a good package together, doing everything on his own. The major difference working with a Golf Vacation Specialist - we will be honest and up front about specific lodging and golf courses. You will never have someone at hotel or golf course tell you that their lodging property is so so, or the same for a golf course. We, as Golf Vacation Specialist's, will tell you right up front, our honest opinion on lodging and golf. We as a company do a lot of repeat business. We are the so-called 'experts' in the areas we cover, and our repeat clients trust us every year to set up their package for them.

You will see on our website, that we offer a lot of hot deals for each specific area. These are great ways to do an inexpensive golf package with great courses and resorts. We put these hot deals together due to the fact that our vendors have gotten very aggressive with us in pricing, or we know some very specific lodging and golf courses, that we have great deals with. If you see a hot deal, chances are - this is a great package for the money.

Please try and be flexible with the areas you may want to do a golf package. Your specialist may know of some other areas that you've never thought of, and may be a great golf destination. You may have been to a specific area the last couple years, but have never heard of or played other courses in that area. Also, the farther south you go in the winter - the higher the price goes. But each area can have an inexpensive alternative to keep the cost down, and make it still enjoyable. Some of the new areas we have added as a company, can get very aggressive with their pricing, due to the fact of trying to draw more golfers to that area.

In a nutshell - your Golf Vacation Specialist is here to help, and can be your best resource in putting a golf package together. Take some time to contact us and discuss your needs and budget - we can make the process very easy for you. Try and be flexible with your destinations, courses and so on - we have something out there that's fantastic and you may have never thought about it. In these tough economic times - let us help bail you out of the work that goes behind putting a great golf package together. We, as a company, have a lot of great golf areas and will work our hardest to satisfy your every need. Please take some time to get to know us and you will have a Golf Vacation Specialist for life. 

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