Friday, December 26, 2008

Golf Package - Money Saving Tips

Times are tough, no doubt. I want to offer some tips on putting together a very good golf package, at a reasonable price. A couple things you can count on - if you head to Florida during the winter, it's peak season. Golf course greens fees can range from $70 up to $170. Lodging for your package can be all over the board. One thing that can get costly for groups, is individual hotel rooms - try and double up when choosing hotel rooms (two double beds in room). The main areas for golf packages in Florida are: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, W. Palm Beach and South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale and Miami). I consider Orlando to be the best deal in the state. South Florida may be a little warmer if it gets cold, but the golf quality is apples to oranges - plus it's more expensive. The lodging choices in Orlando are plenty. The best deal is either villa's or homes. This type of lodging gives guys more options and everyone can end up with their own bedroom.

When it comes to courses, there are so many choices. There are a lot of nice public courses that may not have the name as some to the well know ones, but they give you a big bang for your buck. Courses that are located a little off the beaten path (45 - 60 minutes) from your lodging, usually have lower rates than the ones in close. These courses can be very good and definitely worth the travel time. Usually try and schedule these courses on weekends, to have less traffic. Also, a lot of courses have weekday and weekend (higher) rates - if you can come during the week, this may also save some money. Some courses also have lower rates after 11 am and later. Be careful when you're quoted a twilight rate - these times usually make it difficult to finish your round, due to lack of daylight in the winter.

When planning a golf package, it's a good idea to have a budget in mind for lodging and golf. Knowing this information can be very good for your golf package planner. We are very knowledgeable about the courses in the area and their rates. Always remember there is a great package to meet every ones needs and budget. Don't rely on the first quote you get. Please contact the representative on your quote and explain what your group needs. If the website ask for your phone number and email address - put it in there. This gives your golf vacation specialist the opportunity to offer you advice to suit your needs.

I guess in a nutshell - be flexible when trying to put a golf package together and don't be afraid to contact your golf vacation specialist and ask for advice. We know our areas very well and can make you package special, no matter what you want to spend. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 888.333.6103, or email me at

Remember; stay positive in these tough economic times, and a nice golf package can go a long way in reducing your everyday stress.


  1. Hi, Glad to see golfers here. Can anyone give me some links to materials/resources for success in quick short games? I’m interested in audio-visual contents.

  2. Hi, Glad to see golfers commenting here. Can anyone give me some link to free resources for success in quick short games? I’m interested in audio-visual contents.