Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Golf Bag Shipping Options for Your Next Golf Vacation

Of all the questions we get about golf vacations, the one that we're hearing most frequently concerns golf bag shipping. With airport security requiring that golf travel cases be unlocked (or locked only with TSA-approved locks) and airlines imposing stricter baggage allowances and weight limits, it's really no surprise.

Here's the lowdown on golf bag shipping: if you don't need someone to help pack your clubs and delivery speed is not a major concern, the least expensive method for shipping golf clubs is by using one of the large package delivery companies: FedEx, UPS or DHL. This is what the specialized luggage and golf bag shipping companies ultimately use, anyway.

No special box is necessary — just pack your clubs in your golf travel case the way you would if you were taking them on the airplane and affix the shipping label that the carrier will provide. If possible, plan ahead as expedited delivery is much more expensive.

The least expensive service level is ground service. Unlike FedEx, UPS and DHL offer ground service pickups from residential and business addresses without requiring you to open a special account that hits you with weekly charges. (You can, however, use FedEx Ground without incurring any additional charges by dropping your bag off at a FedEx-Kinkos location.)

We called all three carriers (online shipping is also available) to find out what it would cost to ship a standard golf bag one way from New Jersey to California via ground service. A "standard" bag is usually defined as approximately 50"x12"x11" and weighing no more than 35-40 pounds. Each carrier said it would take about four business days, but FedEx and DHL were the least expensive, at around $35. UPS was about $10 more. continued...

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