Monday, December 10, 2007

Which is Better at Kiawah Island, Homes or Villas?

There are a few main things to consider. First, how important to you is camaraderie on a golf vacation? When everyone stays under the same roof, this generally leads to maximum bonding and fun. Of course, this assumes that everyone gets along well and is easygoing.
If you have guys in your group (I'm assuming this is a buddies trip) who like having things "their own way," it might be best to divide them up into villas. Kiawah Island Resort has one- to four-bedroom villas available.
Second, with respect to Kiawah in particular, if you're looking for the ultimate in luxury and amenities, you may want to stay in a home. Kiawah Island Resort has four- to eight-bedroom homes available.
The "premier" homes all have pools; plus, bicycles and access to the fitness center are included. And while some of the villas are luxurious, too, I don't think they can quite match the overall luxury experience — and privacy — of the homes. If this isn't important to you, the villas might be the way to go. continued...
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  1. I liked the villas at kiawah. we had a group of four guys and it was a lot more fun to hang out at the villa (which was really nice) and be able to talk about our round over a few beers in our back porch. If everyone gets along I would go with the villas, plus our ended up being cheaper! I have played a lot of courses and Kiawah is still a one of a kind experience.