Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Friends do on a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation …..

Never been to Myrtle Beach? Well tune into the Golf Channel this January and you will see what goes on first hand. A film crew is currently on the south end of the Grand Strand shooting four of 12 episodes that will depict the exploits of a group on a somewhat typical golf trip.

The foursome is made up of former PGA Tour pro and ESPN commentator Charlie Rymer, singer/songwriter Josh Kelley, Hootie & the Blowfish guitarist and solo artist Mark Bryan, and Perry Swenson, a member of the women's Duramed Futures Tour, the developmental tour of the LPGA.

Each episode will air in prime time and include several holes of golf and of course their nightly activities.

"The idea is: Here is a day in the life in Myrtle Beach," said Mickey Holden, who was hired by the Golf Channel to produce the series. "There's always golf, but there's always stuff off the course. I know from my own travels, when I go play golf I want a whole experience. ... I want to listen to some music and have some fun. That's what this show is all about ... showcasing golf in Myrtle Beach in a new way. Instead of telling people, 'Hey man, you can have a lot of fun in Myrtle Beach,' we're going to show people having fun."

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