Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Masters Golf Packages: A Guide to Trip Tools

You can explore over 70 of the best golf destinations across the globe with Golf Zoo, and
booking Masters Golf Packages is easy with all of the convenient tools provided by this national
golf vacation company. From completing a US Passport application to travel insurance
recommendations, here are just a few of the online tools you might find useful for booking your
next golf vacation.

How to complete a Trip Quote

  • Enter your destination along with the trip start time, end time and number of adults that will be in your party.
  • Click on search to view all available lodging options.
  • Read the description to discover all of the amenities offered at each of the resorts or hotels.
  • Specify the number of units that you wish to reserve.
  • Click next to view and add golf options (location, number of golfers, tee time).

Upon adding any golfing preferences, you will be asked whether or not you desire a rental car. If
you opt-out of a rental car, then you should receive the following message:
 “You are just ONE CLICK away from receiving your Free Online Customized Trip Quote! In addition, a copy of your trip quote will be emailed to you for your review. One of our destination specialists will review your initial trip quote and make sure it is the best possible package as additional savings may apply. You may also login anytime to view past trip quotes, book online or make payments. We respect your privacy. We will not sell or give your contact information to anyone or send you anything that you do not ask for.”
Enter your name and contact information to view your custom quote.

Gift Certificates

If you are looking for a new, unique, and desirable gift for that difficult-to- buy for individual in
your life, then consider the gift of Masters Golf Packages for any amount and to any destination
that we offer. Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday or for Christmas, Golf Zoo gift certificates
make wonderful presents.

Currency Converter/Traslate Site

Don’t let language barriers stand in the way of booking your next golf vacation. Access Golf
Zoo’s currency convertor to automatically calculate the equivalent of your currency with ones
from other countries and use the translation tool to convert content into your native language.

Simply click on one of these country flag/language to translate the site to the corresponding
language: French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, German and Dutch.

Did you know that Golf Zoo is the only national Golf Vacation company that has their Golf
Vacation Specialists in the destination they service?  Discover the latest Hot Deals on Masters
Golf Packages today at

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