Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hawaii Golf Packages

Hawaii is truly an impressive place to visit. The amazing weather, the beautiful views,

and the rich culture make it impossible to not fall in love the moment you set foot on this

remarkable island chain. The food is one of a kind, the island cuisine is delectable, the resorts

are luxuriously inviting, and the golf links embody every one of those aspects. Hawaii is home to

some of the most memorable links you could ever have the opportunity to play. You can tee off

with a backdrop of the ocean or a bubbling volcano. Hawaii is a paradise within reach,

especially when you book Hawaii golf packages from!

You have two islands to choose from- Maui or Oahu. They each have their own

breathtaking, unique scenery for you to enjoy and on top of getting to choose between two

islands, you also have an endless combination of world renowned golf courses and top of the

line accommodations to make the most of your trip.

For example, on Maui you could choose to play the Royal Kaanapali course which will

take you from sea level up to several hundred feet and show you remarkable views of the coast.

Because it’s nestled among the West Maui Mountains, you will get to experience the beauty of

the mountains up close and personal. If you really want to get up close to a volcano you can

choose to play the Old Blue Course at Wailea. The course is in the foothills of the 10, 023 foot

dormant volcano called Mount Haleakala. The Old Blue is teaming with native Hawaiian

botanicals and coral sand bunkers. When you get to the top of the course you are graced with

an impressive view of the majestic Ma’ alaea Bay and the West Maui Mountains. There are

numerous options, beyond these examples, when you book any one of the Hawaii golf


And then there is the majesty of Oahu. Oahu is known for the beauty of the North Shore,

but golf greats such as Arnold Palmer have made quite an impression on this island. Two

championship courses have a home at Turtle Bay- the Fazio Course and the Palmer course.

The Palmer course wanders through natural wetlands and natural waterways as well as dense

Hawaiian jungle. The jungle helps protect against the ocean breezes but still makes the course

challenging enough to satisfy the most experienced. You do get to meet the ocean on the

seventeenth hole, which is an experience you will never forget. This course has been

recognized by many notable publications and is consistently ranked in the top one hundred

courses in the United States by Golf Digest. The Fazio course is known to be a bit more

forgiving than the Palmer Course and welcomes golfers to take their time traipsing through the

lush greens, enjoying their time in the sun. This course is known for its seaside links and

accommodating resort feel, and is fantastic for priming for the Palmer Course. Don’t be

completely fooled by the courses relaxed demeanor because those greens still pack a punch

because they are raised and considered smaller. Both courses are within your reach when you

book one of the Hawaii golf packages from

Hawaii is truly a utopia for golfers with everything that it has to offer. It offers distinctive

vegetation, sometimes challenging ocean breezes, and views that would make anyone jealous.

After you book one of your Hawaii golf packages make sure to make room on your camera or

smartphone so you can capture every memorable moment.

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