Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Scotland Golf Packages

The first documented golf-like game was played in 1297. The Dutch would hit a leather

ball to a goal several hundred yards away using a stick. The winner was the person with the

least amount of strokes. At one point in Holland a golf like game became illegal and would bring

about a fine of twenty shillings or the perpetrators overcoat. But the modern golf game we are

familiar with is credited to Scotland. If you truly love golf, then being able to play this

gentlemen’s game in its birthplace must be on your bucket list. This is why booking one of our

Scotland golf packages is such an amazing deal. You get to experience the legendary links, as

well as the welcoming culture, at an affordable price.

One of the fantastic Scotland golf packages available is for Western Scotland. You have

the opportunity to stay at the Piersland House Hotel located in Troon, which is in the historic

county of Ayrshire. This hotel is conveniently situated just a few miles from the airport and in

close proximity to some fantastic golf courses. Ayrshire is praised as the birthplace of open golf,

with championship courses located in Troon and Turnberry. Ayrshire County is the birthplace of

Scotland’s most notable poet, Robert Burns, and is rumored to have been home to the one and

only William Wallace. When you travel to Ayrshire for the ultimate golf getaway you can feel the

history; especially when you play at the Old Course of the Royal Troon Golf Club, which has

been around since 1878, and even received the Royal Accolade during its centennial year of

1978. It is home to two links courses, the Old Course and the Portland Course, both of which

you will be able to play while visiting. You will also be able to enjoy one of Scotland’s hidden

gems, which is the Western Gailes course. This gorgeous course is situated between a railway

and the sea and uses the natural contours of the land to provide a challenge to the most

experienced golfer. It is truly a must-play course. The wonderful Scotland golf packages deal

also gives you the chance to golf at the stunning Ailsa Course in Turnberry. This course is

named after the isle of Ailsa Craig which is eleven miles off the shore and can affect the wind

which in turn affects your game. The ninth hole is this course’s claim to fame because of the

rugged coastal views and the lighthouse that shadows over the ruins of the thirteenth century

ruins of Bruce’s Castle. This is not a course to miss playing. Last, but certainly not least, you will

play at the Prestwick Golf Club, which was founded in 1851 and has been around for over one

hundred and sixty years. Old Tom Morris was appointed the keeper of the green and created a

grueling twelve hole course of which six of his original twelve greens are still used today. Old

Tom and his son Tommy were also known for their golf game itself, each winning the Open

Championship four times.

There is much to explore in Scotland and it is truly a golfer’s paradise. From the craggy

points of Ailsa Course, to the natural breathtaking beauty of Western Gailes, or the historic

Prestwick and Royal Troon Golf Clubs, you will get the most of your experience. And this is just

one of the options of our Scotland golf packages and you can even get a customized package

by speaking to one of our experts today. Be sure to look at our other options to

make the most informed choice for your golf vacation today.

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