Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Golf Vacation Destinations

Whether you just want to take a break from work and de-stress, or you simply want to tune up your golfing skills, these 3 spots are the best places to go to during this time of the year. 

Arguably the most famous and most populous state in all of the U.S., people come here from all over the world not just to visit but to settle, live and thrive. There is no wonder why millions of people choose to be here: impressive beauty, wealth and lifestyle. California is warm during the Holiday Season, making it a perfect place to visit.  It is also home to many top-notch golf courses to to help you unwind, relax and destress. Pristine green and premier accommodations are yours for the taking.

Moreover, California is full of many natural and man-made sights that are frequented by many tourists each year. There are beaches, mountains, lakes, infamous bridges and big city escapes for your post-golf activities. The mixture of many cultures makes this place vibrant and rich of varieties of tastes and cuisines. During the Xmas season, California becomes even more alive and exciting as a lot of people who wish to escape the cold come here.

If you are looking for a fun filled holiday retreat where you can party, get lost and play a whole lot of golf, Mexico is the perfect place for you. This country is exquisite, vivacious and very alive. There is so much energy generated around by the locals, expats and visitors and every day spent here is fun and full of adventure. 

They’ve got a lot of outstanding golf resorts here that are favorites of World Champions. The sun, unique flare and the natural beauty (caves, hidden beaches, secret lagoons and more) that Mexico offers makes it easy for golf Holiday trip seekers to choose Mexico over any other place in the world.

Surf and golf holiday combo? If you are looking for a laid back escape to play golf and hit the beach, Hawaii is the top choice for you. Famous for its amazing blue waters, Hawaii’s got great green too. Located in Maui and Oahu, Hawaiian golf courses are surrounded by epic splendor: mountains, beaches, a volcano, palm trees and more! Warm all year, it is the perfect winter destination for just about anyone! 

There are many professional golfers who live in Hawaii, and why not? The way of life and the challenging golf courses is the ultimate combination to make this extraordinary paradise a number one golf vacation destination.

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