Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

Tis the time to pick out yet another perfect gift for your loved one who also has a love for golf. If you've run out of books to give or they have a wide array of golf shirts, then this list should do the trick. This week we are featuring the hottest golf gear, essentials and accessories that will surely make your golf-loving friends and family the happiest this season.

Tour X-Jolt Rangefinder
The Bushnell Tour X Jolt Rangefinder is a must-have for all golf enthusiasts that love their technology too. It comes with two separate faceplates, one that tells you elevation change, distances, and land grade. The other rangefinder faceplate can be used in professional tournaments. Its key features include DDT (Dual Display Technology), Jolt Technology, Slope Technology, is rainproof, and much more! Every avid golfer will surely want this!

Price: $500

Cork Putter Grips
An eco-friendly, light, golf essential and pocket-friendly option. Cork putter grips are a big hit among professional players. Your golf fanatic loved one will surely like having this too. Designed to perform in all types of weather conditions, this hypoallergenic gadget is quite easy to maintain as well.

Price: $30+

Definitely one of the top performance trackers out there, Arccos comes with 13 Standard Sensors and 1 Putter Sensor to track anyone’s game. It can be easily attached to the tip of the club's grip. This gadget will track every shot made from the first hole to the last. Once the tracking app is downloaded, attach the sensors, and you're good to go.

Price: $300

Izzo Callway Tournament Set 
A handy all-in-one kit for any golfer. It includes a 12 ounce stainless steel water bottle, Pro Line Putt Align Tool with 4 ball-identification stencils, and divot repair tool. Also in the set is a poker chip ball marker, 2 Callaway golf balls and 5 performance tees. All essentials for the leisure golfer and not a hefty burden on the wallet!

Price: $30

Golf Trip
And just in case you forgot... There's no golfer who wouldn’t enjoy a nice, relaxing golf getaway. There are so many hot golf trip deals out there that would fit any budget! Anywhere from Scottsdale, to Orlando, to Myrtle Beach or across some water to Hawaii. Don't forget you can go international to places like the Domincan Republic, Scotland, Ireland... and more! The possibilities with Golf Zoo are endless. Booking a trip is easy, hassle-free and are simple for your lucky gift receiver to book their custom package details. It's the perfect gift to let your loved-one really enjoy their love for golf.

Price: Varies by destination and time of travel

Viola! That concludes this year’s gift guide for your/our fellow golf enthusiasts!

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