Monday, December 01, 2014

Organize Your Golf Bag Now To Focus Playing Later

"Having your golf bag organized will help you greatly as you improve your skills. Knowing where each club is within the bag, you will not lose focus on the shot you have planned, while you search for the proper club."

--John Hughes,

There is no written rule on how to correctly arrange your clubs in your bag during a golf trip. But having them organized in a way that makes sense to you, can do a lot to help a golfer. Perhaps it's the first step to improving your game. What you bring and how they are brought is also a matter of pride and can increase self-confidence.

So, here's a guide you on how to organize your golf bag and hit the course like a pro:

Check the sections
A golf bag consists of different sections and compartments. Knowing how to utilize each of these sections and what club to put in each will make it easier to focus on the actual golf play.

Know the two kinds of golf bags
2 basic types: (1) the one you carry while walking and (2) the one kept on the golf cart when riding. A cart bag has a front section, where the hand-carry is, and a back. Despite the difference, the set-up of your clubs remains the same.

Follow the club arrangement
To correctly place your clubs inside your bag, follow these steps:

  1. In the front compartment, all wood, putter and hybrid clubs (if you have each of them) should be placed here.
  2. In the second row, all your long and mid range irons. This would typically include 3 to 7-irons. You can also put the 3-iron on the compartment nearest to your body while the rest remains in order.
  3. The 8 and 9 irons, the pitching wedge, as well as the sand wedge should be placed on the final compartment (or the compartment near to your body). Noticeably, the longer clubs located toward the back, and the shorter ones toward the front compartment.

Towel placement
A towel may be your most important accessory to have when playing. The proper way to place your towel is to have it clipped at the front of your golf bag so it hangs down while on the move. This way, it's accessible when you clean your golf balls and clubs. Most golf towels have come with hole lined with metal for easy clipping.

Tees and Golf ball placement
Tees and golf balls are highly important and frequently used items on your game. Use the front side pockets to keep them. If you have other side pockets you may also put your spare balls and gloves, ball markers, divot repair tools, and other less frequently used items.

Above all, stay organized. Every time you pull out a club, you should also know where to place it when it's done being used. Make this a habit because later on, you won't have to think about where to place tool, instead, you can focus enjoying the game during your golf trip.

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