Monday, November 17, 2014

Golf Vacation Tips: The Basics of Handicap

You may hardly be concerned of the minuscule details about your game in your leisure golf vacation. Most leisurely golf enthusiasts who prefer simple enjoyment with friends and family are contented of the overly basic mechanics of playing golf. However, some aficionados would take it to the next level when it comes to playing better. It is important for them to learn about handicap to improve their golf expertise.

What is handicap?
You can pretty much comprehend golf handicap in the same way you would understand a video game's difficulty setting. Setting a higher difficulty level makes it harder for players to overcome simulated obstacles. A handicap, in this context, directly determines the golfer's skill level. But unlike the video game analogy, a higher handicap does not connote excellence. On the contrary, it is a numerical representation of a player's capability based on how many strokes he or she can make to finish one hole. If a player requires forty strokes to put the ball into a distant hole, it only means he or she either has a bad spatial capacity or a lousy swing. The lesser the handicap a player has, the more adept he or she is in playing.

How are handicaps determined?
There is a basic calculation when it comes to determining a player's handicap. The product of this initial calculation is called the “handicap index”. The factors that comprise the handicap index are “course rating” and “slope rating”. After determining the handicap index, it is then used to find out the “course handicap”. The latter determines how many allowable strokes a player has in a game in relation to his or her skill.

Why are handicaps helpful?
Handicaps pretty much set up the organized ranking system. It is only wise for golf trip players to know their potential opponent's handicap bracket if they pursue a serious contest. A 47-handicap player is simply no match for a 5-handicap player. Handicaps create fairness and equity among golfers.

By knowing your handicap, you can have a more clear idea of how good your golf game really is. This will give you better odds and make your golf vacation less daunting when competing with a relatively skilled opponent. 

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